Top Job Hunting Sites and How They Rank

Job hunting sites have become the most popular sources for finding new career opportunities. Every year, millions of people use sites like ZipRecruiter to connect with employers and showcase their capabilities.

But if you want to find a job fast, you’ll need to know which sites to use for your search. Otherwise, you might waste your time looking on platforms that don’t work as well for your needs.

Top Job Hunting Sites and How They Rank

In the article below, you’ll find a list of the top job hunting sites, ranked in order of how well they work for the average job seeker. If you use one of these platforms, you’ll be more likely to find and get an excellent new position!

1.   ZipRecruiter

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ZipRecruiter is the best of the job hunting sites in the United States, and for good reason. Around 9 million jobs are available on the site at any given time, and the site personally matches its users to open positions. In fact, when you create a free profile, ZipRecruiter will ask you to upload your resume and specify your skills. Then, it will match you with potential positions and show you how qualified you are. You can also browse thousands of jobs until you find the right postings!

This helps you decide which positions to concentrate on. You can pass over jobs you’re less likely to get and focus on sending polished applications to employers who might want to contact you for an interview. Even better, ZipRecruiter gives employers the power to invite job candidates to apply to their positions. When this happens, you’ll receive a link to view the job description. If you choose to apply, you’ll triple your chances of getting an interview!

ZipRecruiter features jobs across a wide variety of fields. So, whether you want to advance your career or switch industries, ZipRecruiter has something for you.

2.   Indeed

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Indeed was founded with a simple mission: to help each job seeker find their next position. It has fulfilled this simple message with an easy-to-use platform.

On it, users can create profiles, upload their resumes (don’t forget to polish them), and browse job listings. They can look at jobs based on their location and the type of work they want.

Indeed will also show you which qualifications you still need on your resume in order to be a great candidate for a job. So, you can use the site to identify which qualifications you still need to get your dream career.

However, Indeed doesn’t show you whether or not you’re a close match for the position. So, you’ll have to figure out your own hard skills and figure out how to show them in an interview.

3.   Monster

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Monster was one of the first job hunting sites on the internet. In fact, it launched in 1994, about a decade before most households even had computers.

Its longevity has made it one of the most popular sites out there. On a practical level, it functions a lot like Indeed, letting you locate, apply to, and save potential job listings. It also features a wide variety of work, including part-time and freelance jobs.

However, Monster doesn’t have a ton of job search filters. Likewise, it doesn’t have as many jobs available, and it’s seen a steep decline in available remote jobs.

As such, if you’re a job seeker, you should probably make a profile on a site like ZipRecruiter, too, if you plan on using Monster.

4.   FlexJobs

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If you’re wanting remote work, FlexJobs might be a good option for you. FlexJobs only features remote work, and the employees personally vet the website’s job listings.

For the remote job seeker, this provides an extra layer of security. Some “employers” post fake, remote job listings that allow them to scam applicants. As such, remote job applicants need to know that the jobs they’re applying to come from actual companies.

But FlexJobs also has a huge drawback; it’s not free. Full access to the site for a week will cost $9.95. You’ll pay more if you want to use the site for longer.

Moreover, other job hunting sites, like ZipRecruiter, have processes in place to ensure that job listings are legitimate. Users can report listings they believe may not be real, and ZipRecruiter’s team will review them.

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Which Job Hunting Sites Should You Choose?

As a job seeker, you can begin a new chapter of your career when you use the right job hunting sites.

But the sites you choose make a difference. While all of the sites listed above come highly rated, ZipRecruiter is your best choice. It matches candidates with employers, mimicking the work of a recruitment agency. It also has millions of open positions for a wide range of workers (learn more about trade jobs).

Ready to get started? Create your account today!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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