Do’s and Don’t’s for the Best Job Application

Getting the job comes down to making the right impression with the hiring manager, and you need to make it as quickly as you can. Hiring managers only have a specific amount of time to get through piles of applications. So, you need to make sure your job application is as good as possible. That’s where ZipRecruiter can help.

Job Application Do’s and Don’t’s

But how do you make sure your job applications are as polished as they can be? Below, we’ll get into our top tips for creating a job application that makes the right impression. That way, you can find your dream job and get hired faster!

Do: Know What Types of Jobs You’re Qualified to Take

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ZipRecruiter, as the #1 job search site in the United States, uses your resume to identify your skills and experience. Then, it shows you how qualified you are to take each position. All you need to do is create a free account!

No matter how many jobs you apply to, you’ll get fewer callbacks if you’re applying for jobs you’re not qualified to take.

Fortunately, finding out what types of careers you’re eligible for is pretty straightforward. Most employers list their requirements for each position in the job posting. You can find out what types of education and experience you need and compare them to your current skills.

Don’t: Rush the Process

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Many people try to apply for as many jobs as possible, hoping to shorten the job hunting process. This is understandable; if you’ve left your previous position, you probably want to make the amount of time between paychecks briefer.

Likewise, people who want to leave their workplaces don’t want to have to spend a lot of time in roles they’ve outgrown.

But applying to a lot of jobs at once isn’t wise. When you do, you’re not taking the amount of time necessary to really showcase your skills and highlight why you’re the best person for the job.

You’re also more likely to make spelling or grammatical errors, which could leave the wrong impression with the hiring manager. It may cost you your ability to get a job offer.

Instead, set a quota for yourself every day. Focus on sending out 1 or 2 high-quality applications. Spend several hours on each one and fine-tune what you want to spotlight about yourself.

Doing this will also make it easier to manage following up with each company. If you apply to too many positions, you may struggle to keep track of which positions you’ve applied to

Do: Research the Company

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If you’re only reading the job descriptions before applying, you might be missing out on some great ways to highlight why you’d be a great match.

When you decide you want to apply to a job, the first thing you should do is research the company. Go to the website and look at what they do. Read their “About” page and take a look at their mission statement, if they have one.

Think about the ways your experience and interests make you the perfect fit for this company.  Then, on your job applications, make it clear why you would suit the company well. Highlight any experience you have that would help the business meet its goals.

Ask yourself whether you think you would fit well within the business’s culture as well. If you have any questions about the company, don’t hesitate to ask before you send in the job application!

Don’t: Ignore the Employer’s Requests for the Job Application

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Before you send in a job application, you should pay special attention to any requests listed on the description.

If you don’t, you might accidentally miss crucial instructions. For instance, some employers prefer job candidates not to contact them before they reach out for interviews. They usually put this in the job description.

If you do this when they asked you not to, you’ll stand out, but for the wrong reasons.

Likewise, you might fail to send your job applications in the correct way. Even when advertising on job forums, some employers request candidates to send their resumes to a specific email account.

Ready to Send You Your Best Job Application Yet?

If you’re ready to start sending in a better job application, you need to use ZipRecruiter.

ZipRecruiter makes it easier for you to send better applications. In fact, once you see how well your skills match up to each position, you’ll know which aspects of yourself to spotlight. Likewise, employers can reach out to you if they think you’d be a great match for their positions.

If you get invited to apply for a job, you’ll be 3 times as likely to get an offer! You can also apply in just 1 click, saving you time.

So, if you use ZipRecruiter, you’ll need to start preparing to talk to hiring managers!

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