10 Travel Tips for Making Travel and Flying Easier in 2022

10 Travel Tips for Making Traveland Flying Easier in 2021

Although many of us have been stuck in our homes for longer than we can remember, it looks like 2022 will be the year that we can start traveling. But there’s a lot that has changed, which means there are certain travel tips that you should take into account when booking your next vacation.

Top 10 Travel Tips for 2022

Plan 2-3 Months in Advance

10 Travel Tips for Making Traveland Flying Easier in 2021

Although it’s possible to score cheap last-minute deals, most of your travel arrangements should be made at least 2 to 3 months in advance. Flights tend to increase prices as dates get closer, and some hotels or vacation rentals can book out fast.

Look for Flexible Booking Options

Travel Tips

The state of travel has changed as we know it, and it’s still difficult to predict if things will get back to normal. Although your destination may be open now, it’s hard to say if it will still be once the date rolls around. For this reason, you should book flights and hotels that have a flexible booking option in case you need to cancel or reschedule.

Travel During Off-Season

Travel Tips

Not only does traveling during the off-season save you big bucks, but it also allows you to see a city without the crowds of tourists. If your schedule allows for it, we recommend avoiding traveling during popular times like summer, Christmas and New Year’s, or Spring Break.


Work Towards Upgrade Status

One of the best tips for flying domestic or international is to save ups those mileage points. Some airlines, like Southwest, have reward programs where you can score free flights for future vacations. Why pay for expensive flights when you can travel for free?

Take Only What You Need

Travel Tips

Unless you’re willing to pay for expensive airline baggage fees, it’s always a good idea to travel with as little as possible. Some of the best tips for packing light are to bring neutral clothing, versatile footwear, and mini-sized toiletries. Keep in mind that bringing only a small carry-on or backpack also allows you to navigate the city or airport without hauling around a huge, heavy bag.

Make Sure You Pack the Right Electronics

You may have already packed your phone charger and camera, but what about those smaller electronics you might need on your trip? It’s worth bringing a power bank to charge your gear in case you get stranded with a dead battery or a pair of headphones to keep you entertained on the plane. And if you’re traveling internationally, don’t forget a power converter and outlet so that you can actually charge all those items as well!

Consider Booking Vacation Packages

Buying a vacation package is a great way to save money on your trip. Sites like Hotwire allow you to book bundled flights, hotels, and car rentals together. These packages are generally far cheaper than if you were to book them all separately.


Sign up for TSA Precheck

If you’re the type of person that hates waiting in long security lines at the airport (actually – isn’t that all of us?), then it’s worth signing up for TSA Precheck After completing a background check, you’ll be able to enter a shorter security line where you won’t have to remove your shoes, liquids, or electronics.

Do Research – But Not Too Much!

10 Travel Tips for Making Traveland Flying Easier in 2021

It’s okay if you want to look up the top sights and attractions of where you’re going, but it’s also good to get off the beaten path every once in a while. You’ll never know what restaurant, café, or museum you might stumble upon!

Have an Open Mind

Out of all the travel tips we can give you, this is probably the most important. Wherever you go, have an open mind. Be patient with the airport, hospitality, and tourism staff. Learn more about the culture or country you’re traveling to. Meet new people and interact with the locals. Traveling is one of life’s greatest experiences – so get out there and enjoy the world!

More Travel Tips

With these travel tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to a fun, relaxing vacation in no time! If you’re staying close to home, you can also check out our guide on how to have an awesome road trip. And if you’re still putting away extra cash for that once-in-a-lifetime trip, read our top tips for saving money this year.

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