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Electric transportation has long been seen as a quirky, niche industry that was only considered for novelty purposes. As a result of rapid developments in technology, electric transportation has quickly become viable as a reliable transportation method. Above all, what’s really awesome about the new technology is the variety of options for someone looking for a new way to get around. Consequently, don’t fret about finances, use one of the Best Finance and Budget Apps of 2020 to see if you can budget one for yourself! Most importantly, there’s something different for everyone, and something available that will fit any person’s needs.


Electric Longboard – Onlyoneboard O-3 38” Electric Longboard with Wireless Remote

electric electric transportationFirst up, the most popular method of electric transportation by far is the electric longboard. And, the Onlyoneboard Longboard is quality at its highest.

  • 2.10S4P battery: 8.0Ah 288W: Cruising Range: 17 to 20 miles(28-32KM)
  • 3 Speed Modes: Slow (11 MPH (18 km/h) max), Medium (18 MPH (30 km/h) max), Fast (24 MPH (38 km/h) max)
  • Maximum load: 330 LBS (150 kg)
  • Motor: Hub Motor , 2 MOTOR  500W /EACH 250W
  • Charging time: 2H

Topping out at 24 MPH, the Onlyoneboard longboard is a great option for anyone with a quick daily commute. With a built in battery included, this board only takes about 2 hours for a full charge. Therefore, being able to ride it to and from work for any shorter commutes is a very realistic option. Browse around the Onlyoneboard selection to make sure this is the right board for you!

Electric Bike – Rad Power Bikes RadRover Electric Fat Bike V5

electric transportationNext up is the all-terrain, “go anywhere, do anything bike”. The RadRover E-Bike is built to take you wherever you need to go! This bike will become the most reliable form of transportation you’ll own. To sum up, top comfort and built highly capable, this bike screams quality.

  • 25-45+ miles per one charge, only requiring 4-5 hours for a full charge. The battery weighs in at only 7.7lbs and has a capacity of 672 Wh.
  • Technical specs:
    • Puncture resistant tires, brake lights, twist grip throttle, usb ports, pedal assist, LCD display, and more
  • 750w Motor Power and 80 Nm max motor torque

Not only does this bike come with all the bells and whistles, it’s perfect for all terrain. In addition, it has a substantial battery life to get you to where you need to be on one charge. For anyone really looking to ditch the car for your shorter distance journeys, the Rad Power Bikes RadRover is tough to beat. If this isn’t the one for you, head over to Rad Power Bikes and pick out the perfect bike for you!

Looking for a bike for your kiddo aswell? Check out Woom bikes, they have just about any bike for kids!

Electric Scooter – Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter

electric transportationIf you live in, or frequent a larger city such as San Francisco or Denver, you are sure to have seen electric scooters. For example, companies like Bird, Lime and Lyft have popularized the use of scooter sharing in major cities. They’re quickly becoming a prominent electric transportation method. Although, this still might not work for those that need something more permanent to their situation. Enter, the Segway Ninebot.

  • Revolutionary Upgrade of Electric Scooters: With powerful 350W motor, Segway Ninebot MAX can reach to 18. 6 mph, travel up to 40 miles and max load of 220 lbs.
  • Portable Folding Design: One-step folding system for easy portability. Segway Ninebot MAX electric scooter can be folded with ease in mere 3 seconds.
  • Safe & Comfortable Riding: the mechanical and electrical Anti-Lock braking system ensures braking safety.
  • Innovative & Superior Technology: With the LED display, bluetooth capabilities, cruise control, select riding modes and mobile app connectivity for additional security, firmware updates and more. Built-in charger, only use one cord for fast charging.

Simpler, and more accessible than the skateboard or bicycle, electric scooters are incredibly easy to use, and have a great battery life of up to 40 miles. They’re also much easier to make portable as compared to other electric transportation options. To clarify, it folds up and you can take it with you throughout the day! While pricier than their bike and skateboard counterparts, electric scooters such as the Segway Ninebot offer a lot more upside and shelf life for the price.

Electric Hoverboard – Hover-1 Titan Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard

electric transportation

While it may not be as practical for long distances, the electric hoverboard is a great option for those who need to get around in smaller areas, such as campuses, larger corporate offices or downtown city areas. One option, The Hover- 1 Titan is a wonderful option for an electric hoverboard, as they have turned a once niche product into a viable method of transportation.

  • Reaches speeds up to 7. 45 mph for a fun stable ride.
  • 36V, 4 Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides up to 8. 4-Mile range and has a battery indicator right at your feet.
  • Weight capacity of the scooter can handle any rider weighing up to 265 lbs.
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker pairs with your mobile device to play music while you ride.
  • App compatible; download the app and monitor your battery life, range, your effort vs the motor, plan routes and more.

The hoverboard may not be a suitable replacement to a car or public transportation. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an easy, compact and portable option that can get you moving faster, on the go and effortlessly, the Hover- 1 Electric Hoverboard is exactly what you need.


To Sum Up

No matter which device you decide to invest in as a new mode of transportation, you’re sure to be doing your part. That is to say you’re helping the environment and even possibly getting more daily exercise! So ditch the car, the train or bus pass, and hop on your electric scooter or skateboard and become a new breed of electric transportation commuters!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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