Summer Snacks to Beat the Heat

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Summer is in full swing, and with that, comes a whole lot of sun! If you’re looking for a delicious way to beat the heat, why not whip up some of these summer snacks? Below, we’ll dive into 10 of our favorite summer treats that are just as refreshing as they are tasty. 

A Summer Salad

For some summer snack healthy options, you can’t get much better than a refreshing summer salad. Be sure to mix it up with some fresh summer berries and greens. You can even add some roasted almonds for an added crunch. Be sure to finish your salad off with a delicious Balsamic dressing from Stonewall Kitchen for a healthy yet delicious summer snack. If you need inspiration, Try Some of Our Favorite Healthy Summer Salads Today.

Add a Touch of Citrus

In the summer, nothing’s more refreshing than fresh citrus. Use these water bottles with built-in fruit infusers from Dooxi to cool off in the hot summer sun. You can experiment with different fruit infusions to craft a super refreshing drink to pair with your favorite summer snack in no time at all. 

Ice Cream

summer snacksThis is definitely one of the most popular summer snacks and with good reason. Luckily, it’s easy to find a super simple ice cream recipe online that’ll make it easy for you to create this delicious frozen treat from home. Pick up this ice cream maker from Sur La Table to start crafting irresistible frozen treats or pick one off our list of the Best Ice Cream Makers

Make Your Own Starbucks From Home

summer snacksSnacks in summer aren’t complete without a refreshingly cool drink. Before you head out to Starbucks, try making your own specialty iced coffee or tea from home. 

Fresh Summer Soup

summer snacksSoup doesn’t always have to be warm to be delicious — Whip up a cooled cucumber or squash soup as a refreshing for delicious summer snacks that are just as nutritious. Here’s some recipes for squash soup you can make! You can use a high-quality blender from Vitamix to create any of your favorite summer creations. 

Fresh Ice Pops

snacks in summerWho doesn’t love a fresh popsicle? Be sure to gather high-quality ingredients like fresh berries from services like Farm Fresh To You to make your treats even sweeter. To make your pops a little more decorative, put sliced fruit chunks into the popsicle mold before freezing. If pops aren’t your style, you can also make a deliciously simple sorbet with the help of some fresh fruit and buttermilk. Here are some Healthy Homemade Popsicle Recipes to get you started!


snacks in summerIf you’re looking for a more substantial summer snack, tacos with seasonal ingredients and vegetables are the perfect pick. Check out this recipe complete with ingredients from Hungry Root. You can easily craft this delicious summer snack in less than 10 minutes, making this recipe super convenient so that you can enjoy fun in the sun.

A Delicious Burger

snacks in summerWhen summer rolls around, it’s time to barbeque and break out the grill, like one from Traeger Grills or Barbeques Galore. Craft a delicious burger complete with a brioche bun from Bakerly to give it that added extra flair. Your family members won’t be disappointed. Quality meats can be delivered right to your home from Omaha Steaks to make this snack even easier to put together! You can also cut the buns in two to make delicious snacking sliders everyone can enjoy. This summer snack is a backyard bbq favorite, but it’s also a delicious meal all year round. 

Acai Bowls

summer snacks healthyYou’ve heard of smoothies, but why not a smoothie bowl? Pack your delicious summer snack with antioxidant-rich Acai. You can take inspiration or order one of these bowls directly from Pressed Juicery and use promo code ROOTS-TOP-10 for 10% off of your order! These filling snacks are full of nutrient-rich fruits that will quench your thirst and taste absolutely delicious. 

A Refreshing Summer Smoothie

summer snacks healthyEveryone needs a summertime drink to help you cool off in the heat. For a simple, nutritious, and delicious summer snack, create a refreshing summertime smoothie. You can utilize any of these delicious recipes from Simple Green Smoothies to start your day off on the right foot or add some Healthy Smoothie Ingredients That Will Boost Your Smoothie Game to your fave recipes! 

Plus, you don’t have to limit yourself to fruit. You can make delicious dessert and high protein smoothies using peanut butter, dark chocolate from See’s Candies, and more protein powders from As long as you have a great blender and lots of ice, the sky is the limit. 

Creating your own summer snacks from home is easy and delicious. Hopefully, you and your family will be able to enjoy many of these delicious recipes this season. If you’d rather have some snacks delivered, here are the Best Food Delivery Apps. Oh, and don’t forget to get some booze delivered too to make some summer cocktails. Happy snacking!

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