Be Prepared with These Travel Safety Gadgets

travel safety gadgets

If you’re worried about traveling to a new destination, these travel safety gadgets can give you peace of mind. Although accidents and incidents are rare, they can happen when least expected. That’s why this article on helpful travel items will give you more confidence to explore new places and destinations!

7 Must-Have Travel Safety Gadgets for Any Trip

Whether you’re traveling with friends or embarking on a solo adventure, we could all use extra protection now and then.

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Portable Translator

travel safety gadgets
Touch of Modern

If you’re traveling overseas, you might be worried about how to communicate with the locals. Even simple tasks like ordering food or asking for the bathroom can be difficult if you don’t know the language. That’s why it’s important to have a digital translator like the MESAY 3.0 Pro AI Translator from Touch of Modern with you at all times. This device can decipher 42 different languages, and it comes with a camera so you can translate text and photos in real-time.

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Essentials Kit

travel safety gadgets

If you’re camping or hiking outdoors, there are a few specific travel safety gadgets you’ll need to have, including the Essentials Ready Kit. It comes with a wire saw, 8 feet of SurvivorCord™, a razor blade, and a 25-foot rope. Additionally, it comes in a palm-sized container only a few inches long, making it easy to toss in your bag. And while you hopefully won’t need to use it, you’ll feel extra safe knowing it’s there.

Safe Smart Wristband

travel safety gadgets
Uncommon Goods

The Lifekey safe smart wristband from Uncommon Goods is a necessity for solo travelers, hikers, or backpackers. With just one tap, you can alert your friends and family of your safety status. And if you get into an accident, first responders can access medical information like your blood type, allergies, and medical conditions. Plus, it doesn’t even need to be charged, so it’ll last all through your travel itineraries.

Power Bank

travel safety gadgets

We are so reliant on our electronics that the thought of having a dead battery is truly devastating. However, with a portable power bank from Cabela’s, you can have power no matter where you go. Additionally, a portable power bank allows you to charge your phone, camera, or other small devices on the go. It even has enough juice to charge multiple devices at the same time, making it perfect for couples or families. So, even if you haven’t been near an outlet charger all day, you can still connect to the outside world.


RIVER Bank from EcoFlow is the largest capacity rechargeable battery in the world that you can take on a plane. It is smart, packed with power (Up to 94Wh, 25,600 mAh @3.7V), and lightweight (1.88 Ibs).

Portable Door Lock

travel safety gadgets
Etsy – Petidsrus (seller)

When you’re in a new place, it can be difficult to settle down and feel safe. But now you can sleep soundly at night with this portable door lock from Etsy. With this gadget, doors can’t be opened from the outside, even with someone that has a key. Therefore, it provides an extra level of security to ward off intruders from your Airbnb or hotel room. Best of all, it can be installed in seconds and attaches to almost any door that opens inwards.

More Traveling Tips

Now that you have your travel safety gadgets, you’re ready to get out there and explore the world without worry!

Looking for more travel inspiration to satisfy your wanderlust? Check out our luxury travel hacks for traveling on a budget or our guide on how to have the ultimate road trip. But no matter where you plan to travel to, make sure you stay safe and healthy!

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