Company Mission Statement Examples and Tips

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A company mission statement should get across the essence of what your company is, its goal, its audience, what impact it seeks to have, and how it works to accomplish that. Everything someone needs to know about your company should be rolled into the mission statement. The mission statement is a guide – not just for outsiders, like those who find your company through ZipRecruiter, but for the people within the company as well. What is your company striving to do and who are they doing it for? That’s what a mission statement should convey. We’ll help you with some company mission statement examples.

Writing it might be easier said than done. If a mission statement is so important (and it is) what does it take to write a great one? Follow along with this article for some great tips and some examples to go with them. Seeing is believing, and you’ll be able to tell with a glance that certain mission statements just get it right.

Keep It Simple

Your company’s mission statement doesn’t have to be long and flowery. A solid sentence, or maybe up to three sentences, will do the trick. There are other ways, like using sections on the company website, to include extra information.

While “simple” is the goal, the mission statement should address the right points directly without sounding robotic. You don’t want to put up your ZipRecruiter ad while your company mission statement comes across like it’s AI-generated. Here’s a look at some simple, effective company mission statement examples that use great tone and feel as if they belong to the company they’re attached to in just a sentence.

  • To make energy more sustainable.
  • Bring joy to homes.

In those single sentences, you know what their goals are, who the company is reaching out toward, and what they do.

Highlight Why Your Company Is Different

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You don’t have to do this in a long-winded way, but lay out in your mission statement what makes your company different from anyone else in the market. What are you doing that no one else is doing or what are you doing better?

A mission statement isn’t just an attempt to pull in customers or interested parties, either. It should be inspiring to the people who work for the company, too. What are they a part of that is special?

For instance, Warby Parker paints itself as a leader stepping out ahead of everyone else to accomplish the company’s goal. Google lays out a massive undertaking, yet one that anyone who works for the company or interacts with the brand will want to be a part of and can benefit from.

Go Back to Basics

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Remember, there are some essential questions that your company mission statement should answer – what, who, how, and why. To illustrate, check out these company mission statement examples:

  • Nurture the minds of young people and help them excel past their expectations.
  • To make health more accessible than ever before.

What do these companies do? They inspire and nurture. Who do they do this for? Children and the public. How do they do it? With a cup (of coffee) or connecting people to real food.


If you’re posting a job on ZipRecruiter, you’ll need a mission statement that appeals to your candidates. The company mission statement examples provided in this article can act as a guide to what to look for or aspire to, and the tips offered will put you well on your way to writing an effective statement of your own. Learn more about ZipRecruiter in this article! You can see how it compares to Google Hire here!

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