Where Else Can I Find Services Like Google Hire?

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Looking for Google Hire alternatives? We got you! With Google Hire discontinued on September 1st, 2020, recruiters are now looking for flexible, intuitive, and powerful applicant tracking systems to assist their hiring process.

Google Hire was a G Suite tool for small to medium-sized businesses wanting to hire employees. Although it wasn’t very popular, some recruiters used it to fill job openings. However, with its recent discontinuation, employers are now looking for other hassle-free hiring services for their recruits. That’s why in this article, we’ll share some of our recommendations for recruiting software systems tailored to your needs.

As we look back at Google Hire, perhaps its most crucial perk was simplicity. So if you’re looking for ease of use without the extra fuss, check out ZipRecruiter, one of the top job search sites with the most straightforward features. Find candidates across many different industries and generate maximum visibility for your job listings.

5 Best Google Hire Alternatives

1. ZipRecruiter

Our list of the best Google Hire alternatives would not be complete without ZipRecruiter. This is a highly efficient online job board that helps you find candidates quickly and efficiently. The site uses AI technology to match employers with the right prospects while distributing job listings to a network of more than 100 sites. As a result, brands get maximum exposure and can conduct interviews within a few clicks.

One of the site’s pros is the employer dashboard, which allows recruiters to sort prospects, track applications, and message candidates directly.  

Try 1 of ZipRecruiter’s 3 plans for free today!

2. Monster

Monster is one of the oldest recruiting sites (even older than Google Hire). It’s an all-encompassing tool that helps businesses spot new talent. Their recruiting solutions are niche-based, with hiring partners assisting you every step of the hiring process. They’re an all-in-one solution, from sourcing, tracking, and managing applications to employer branding and resume databases.

Monster’s pricing starts at $279/month. This includes 1 active job ad and up to 50 resume views per month. Of course, this might be limiting compared to the resumes you might get from another recruiting site like ZipRecruiter. However, if you pay for the more expensive plans, Monster’s features become more desirable.

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3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is one of the leading job websites on the market, and it boasts more than 50 million visitors. Employers can use the site to create their company profiles, showcase benefits, and post about open job positions. The platform is mainly used to increase brand presence in the job market and attract new talent. Although it’s not specifically a job board, it has partnered with Indeed. Therefore, any listings will show up on both.

Glassdoor offers a free employer membership. In addition, posting jobs on Indeed through the site is also free. However, you’ll need to pay the extra bucks to unlock advanced features such as profile customization, specialized reporting, or featured reviews.

4. Indeed

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Indeed is one of the largest recruiting sites, with more than 250 million users and over 3 million employers, far outshining Google Hire. It helps recruiters connect with qualified candidates by posting directly to the site or searching the resume database. In addition, it offers an employer dashboard that allows you to manage, message, and set up interviews with candidates.

As an employer, you can post a job listing on Indeed for free. However, if you want to increase your chances of finding the right employees, you should consider sponsored posts starting from $5 per day. Indeed claims that this will boost your overall exposure by at least 3.5x.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a recruiting service also known as a professional social media platform. It allows you to hire high-quality employees for specialized positions while also letting you check candidates based on similar technical backgrounds. One of the platform’s perks is allowing employers to message prospects and engage with them in casual conversation directly.

Although it doesn’t offer as many features as other job listing sites like ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn is convenient for scanning through applicants. Especially if you’re looking to fill senior positions with high expertise, you can count on LinkedIn to do the job. However, its pricing is a bit unclear since you have to contact the sales team to personalize your experience.

Still Looking for the Best Google Hire Alternatives?

If you’re a recruiter looking for the best Google Hire alternatives, check out our recommendations and save yourself some time with quality job listings. Hopefully, our shortlist of the best recruiting software systems will match your specific needs and help you spot high-quality prospects. Make sure to make ZipRecruiter your go-to solution for an all-in-one hiring site that promises fast and efficient results.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.

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