Should I Leave My Job? – Tips for Those Considering

Everyone experiences a point at their job where they consider if it’s time for them to move on. Often times, the fastest way to grow in your career and raise your earning potential is looking for a new job. But if you’re thinking “should I leave my job”, there are important things you should be considering. We’ll cover important tips for potential job seekers and help you decide what is in your best interest.

Should I Leave My Job?

1. What Are the Pros and Cons of Your Current Job?

If you’re considering moving on from your current position, there are likely reasons leading you to this. To analyze if leaving is the right decision, you need to weigh all of the pros and cons of your current position. What things do you like about your job and company? What do you not enjoy? If there are things you don’t enjoy, are there ways to fix them without leaving? All of these things should be considered before you take the step to work with a new company.

2. Do You Have Another Job Lined Up?

If you’re asking “should I leave my job”, the first thing that always matters is do you have another position lined up? You should never leave a stable job before having a new position lined up. Even if you’re in the interview process with other companies, there are no guarantees until you sign some sort of agreement. Because of this, be sure you’re confident in your next steps if you are to leave. If you have no other options lined up, start applying and working through the interview process before you consider leaving your current position.

3. Is There Room for Growth At Your Current Company?

The biggest reason individuals feel it’s time for them to leave their job is a lack of promotions and growth in their position. If your company does have growth opportunities, what’s the reason you’re not moving up? Are there senior positions that will open soon that you can move in to? Have you spoken to your manager about your want to grow in to a bigger role? Before you leave, always make sure you speak up about your goals and ambitions with those above you. Especially if you enjoy where you work, it may just be a need of initiative that your mangers are excepting to see.

If there’s little to no room to growth, then it’s in your best interest to move on. A general answer to the question “should I leave my job” is figuring out whether your current position allows for growth.

4. Do You Feel Unmotivated?

Your mental health should always be your priority in your work life. And having a lack of motivation in your daily professional life has the risk of spilling over in to your personal life. Whether the work you’re doing is unfulfilling, or you’re no longer interested in the work, this can be a sign it’s time to move on.

Before you say yes to the question “should I leave my job” take the time to analyze your company. Are there other roles at the company that you could see yourself enjoying? Are there additional responsibilities that working on would bring new enjoyment? If the answer is yes, speak to your manager about your wants and needs. It might be possible to find a new transition without needing to leave the company.

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5. Is the Work Environment Unsafe and Toxic?

Regardless of the pay and benefits of your current job, the company you work for matters. Work shouldn’t cause you constant stress, frustration and unhappiness. If your work environment feels toxic and puts you under stress, it’s a good indicator it’s time to leave. For most wondering “should I leave my job”, often times it relates to the work environment. If you find your stressed about going to work, or just praying for the time to move faster, it’s definitely time to move on. Start working towards applying to new jobs and doing your best to leave in a professional yet timely manner.

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