What Is a Good Product Marketing Manager Salary?

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Wondering what’s a good product marketing manager salary? Perhaps you’re in the final interview stages for a product manager position or are asking for a raise. Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered!

Product marketing managers work closely with sales, marketing, and development. They create and implement a product roadmap. As a result, they have broad responsibilities and work across multiple departments during a project’s lifespan. With careers in product marketing on the rise, it’s no surprise that this path offers endless opportunities. The salary isn’t too shabby, either.

But first, you need to better understand what product managers do and how their wages vary. To accomplish this, we’ll dig into their roles and responsibilities and discuss salaries in different situations. Doing so will boost your chances to start negotiating better pay packets and advance your position. If you’re currently looking for a product manager role, ZipRecruiter can instantly help you spot open positions. Create your profile and start applying from the comfort of your home.

What Is a Product Marketing Manager?

Product marketing managers oversee product development and create strategies for maximum growth. Their role focuses on understanding the market’s needs, developing products, and managing how the public perceives them. Specifically, their tasks include market research to define product features, packaging, etc.

During the product launch, product managers oversee communication. They ensure all messaging is accurate and appealing.

Finally, after the product launch, they pursue further research to understand customer response. These professionals wear many hats to achieve their position. Additionally, they build close relationships with designers, developers, engineers, and marketing specialists. That’s why they need to be creative, with a strategic way of thinking and a solid vision.

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What Is the Average Product Marketing Manager Salary?

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To find out what is a good product marketing manager salary, we first need to address the average pay for the role. Product managers in the US make an average of $139,883 per year. But, of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all. After all, position titles may vary and compensation changes based on country and company.

Usually, more experience brings a higher salary. Boost your pay with a relevant bachelor’s degree and industry relations. To determine if you’re getting a good salary, you’ll need to check the average wages for your country.

How to Negotiate a Better Product Marketing Manager Salary?

Perhaps it’s time to negotiate a pay raise. This will ensure you’re being paid fairly for your duties and credentials. To give you a hand, we’ve listed our top three tips to hone your salary negotiation skills. Let’s review them:

1. Decide on a Number

What is a good product marketing manager salary for you? Before sitting in front of your recruiter, decide on your desired number, but don’t be outrageous. It’s absolutely fine to ask for more than you expect. But allow room for your manager to negotiate their part, too. Also, note that requesting a specific number, such as $106,750, is more likely to close the deal than a generic $110,000. That’s because recruiters believe that you did your industry digging and came up with a precise number.

2. Understand the Industry Norms

To understand what your salary expectations should be at each stage of your career, make sure to ask other industry experts and do your research online. Many platforms give you clear insights into the industry norms to decide the range for your salary negotiation. In addition, attending industry-related events helps you grow your network and learn from your peers’ experiences.

3. Know Your Value

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It goes without saying, but when deciding what is a good product marketing manager salary, qualifications and skills play a crucial role. The more experience and accomplishments you bring to the table, the better. Of course, whether you’re already working for a company or are currently applying for product manager positions through job websites like ZipRecruiter, you’ll need to provide data. This will prove what you bring to the company and why you request a higher salary.

Apply for Product Marketing Manager Positions!

Hopefully, our article on what is a good product marketing manager salary will give you a clearer picture of the industry wages. Remember, the bigger the role, the bigger the responsibilities, and the bigger the paycheck. So, if you wish to land your next product manager career opportunity, join ZipRecruiter and connect with employers looking for professionals just like you. Job research has never looked easier!

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