What Are Some Company Mission Statement Examples?

Photo Of People Holding Each Other's Hands - company mission statement examples

Searching for company mission statement examples to get some inspiration? You’re on the right path! Successful company culture starts with a strong purpose behind its existence. 

A well-crafted mission statement tells both employees and consumers what the company’s all about. This unifies an organization and helps its people work in the same direction. It might also reflect the company’s philosophy, competitive advantages, and values. In other words, it serves as a framework, giving employees a launching point for establishing a growing brand.

Creating your mission statement can be tricky. Bringing different ideas together and expressing your values in a few words might seem impossible at first. But don’t fret because, in this article, we’ve rounded up our top tips to set the tone for your work environment. This will make it much easier to later hire suitable candidates for your business through popular job-hunting sites like ZipRecruiter. So, let’s dive in!

5 Steps to Writing the Perfect Mission Statement

1. Be Honest and Genuine

Photo Of People Holding Each Other's Hands - company mission statement examples

When writing your mission statement, it’s vital to stay true to your ideals as a business owner. Think critically about how you’d want to impact the world and then give your organization direction. Once your statement is ready, you must be the first to follow its tenets and surround yourself with workers who agree with your mission. This will help you be accountable and stay on track.

Keep in mind that your company mission statement will advertise your business to both clients and potential employees. If you’re looking to hire, you’ll want to include your mission statement on a ZipRecruiter profile. ZipRecruiter allows you to post job vacancies and get matched with top-quality candidates. Then, you can invite them to apply, schedule interviews, and handle the entire hiring process!

2. Describe What Your Company Does

No need to add any fancy words here. Simply state out loud what product or service your business offers. Get down to the basics and don’t add any frills. Here are some company mission statement examples: “My company sells athletic equipment” or “My company provides pet-sitting services.” We’ll elaborate more in the next step.

3. Describe How Your Company Does It

This is the challenging part because we don’t want a thorough explanation of your business operations to the end product. Instead, we’re looking for some of your core values and competencies to add to the mix. For example, “My company provides supreme customer service” or “My company encourages innovation.” Avoid describing any physical operations, as they’ll distract you from the actual goal.

4. Add Your “Why”

This is perhaps one of the most essential parts of your mission statement because it incorporates the reason you’re doing what you’re doing. In other words, the spark and passion behind your business. For example, you might say, “My company’s purpose is to give people equal access to vegan resources,” or “My company’s purpose is to sell clothes for all body types.”

5. Live by Your Company’s Mission

Photo Of People Standing Near Window - company mission statement examples

Once your mission statement is complete, it’s vital as a leader to set an example and encourage employees to follow in your footsteps. This will help them align your vision of business culture with daily realities and work toward common goals. Otherwise, your statement will remain an abstract idea and a beautiful concept written in paper. Moreover, your company will have a solid background and clear requirements when hiring new employees through job search sites like ZipRecruiter.

Company Mission Statement Examples

To better understand what a complete mission statement looks like, we’re going to give you some company mission statement examples:

  • “To inspire you to live your greatest life.”
  • “We bridge the gap between healthy farm food and your kitchen table.”
  • “To take you places you’ve never been before.”

Start Crafting Your Mission Statement

To sum up, a defined mission statement gives direction to your organization and helps retain and engage employees. Hopefully, our guide with company mission statement examples will give you a head start to create your own. As a business owner, you’re tasked with applying your business’s purpose in action and encouraging employees to follow in your footsteps.

That’s the only way toward business advancement without losing sight of your vision. Plus, it’ll help you hire the right employees when doing your research through candidate pools like ZipRecruiter and make the right selection. We wish you good luck!

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