Easy Data Entry Work from Home Jobs for Busy People

Are you looking for an easy way to make money from home? Data entry work from home jobs allow you the flexibility you need to put in hours away from an office without having an overly-stressful position.

Even better, ZipRecruiter will match you with easy remote jobs in data entry, including those in a wide range of fields. In almost every industry, companies are looking for data entry clerks, transcriptionists, word processors, and others.

Easy Data Entry Work from Home Jobs for Busy People

Below, we’ll get into the easiest data entry jobs for you to do from home. That way, you can find the right position for yourself and start making money from your house (or wherever you prefer to work)!

Data Entry Clerk

data entry work from home jobs

As the top job site in the United States, ZipRecruiter features hundreds of jobs in the data entry field. You’ll have the opportunity to browse listings and find positions that interest you.

Then, you can apply to them with just 1 click, saving you time!

ZipRecruiter will also send you emails about open positions and show you how well your skills match the job’s requirements. That way, you can focus your time and energy on jobs you’re most likely to get. So, creating a free account is a really wise investment.

One of the most common types of data entry work from home jobs is that of the data entry clerk. This is a very general kind of data entry. A clerk may work with numbers or text, and they often transfer information from one format to another. They may need typing skills or the ability to use a database platform.


data entry work from home jobs

If you love to type and have a sharp ear, this position might serve as the right one for you. Transcriptionists turn audio information into a readable format, sometimes with the help of transcription software.

These types of data entry work from home jobs are common in industries in which professionals don’t have time to write anything down. Yet, transcriptionists might need to know the professional jargon related to the fields they’re working in.

For instance, doctors often hire transcriptionists to transcribe recordings they make about patients. The transcriptionist would need to know how to spell and properly enter the names of medical diagnoses and other healthcare-related concepts.

As a transcriptionist, you may also have to occasionally work with audio files that don’t come with very clear sound.

Data Entry Keyer

data entry work from home jobs

Nowadays, businesses are trying to remain as free from paper usage as possible. Doing so benefits them in numerous. They don’t have to keep extensive filing cabinets full of confidential information, for example, and they may be able to upload important documents to the cloud.

But not every piece of information is digital yet, and that’s where data entry keyers come in. People in this type of position scan hard copies of documents into computers and then upload them to a database.

This is one of the data entry work from home jobs, but you’ll need a scanner in order to do it.

Word Processor/Typist

data entry work from home jobs

A word processor, also known as a typist, is a type of data entry professional who enters information into reports and other documents. Usually, the information is in the form of written text.

To succeed as a word processor or typist, you need to have access to a computer and a reliable internet connection. You also need fast and accurate typing skills, as the company that hires you may require lots of typing within your working hours at home.

Still, becoming a word processor can serve as a very rewarding career. Nearly every company needs someone to write up reports and official documents, so it’s the perfect role for someone who enjoys putting words to paper.

Ready to Land Data Entry Work from Home Jobs?

Are you ready to stop sending in applications for data entry work from home jobs and start landing some job offers?

ZipRecruiter increases your chances of getting hired by matching you with positions you’re qualified to take. The platform will even show your profile to employees looking to hire people for easy remote jobs.

If an employer is interested in you, they’ll have the opportunity to reach out and invite you to apply for a job! Should you apply to their position, you triple your chances of getting hired! So, create a free account today and learn more about how you can land your dream job!

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