JobFinder vs. ZipRecruiter: Better Together or Apart?

If you’ve been on the job hunt for any period of time, you are aware that there are dozens of sites claiming to offer you the next best step in your career. JobFinder and ZipRecruiter are two of these platforms, and job seekers sometimes wonder: are they best used together or separately?

JobFinder vs. ZipRecruiter

Below, we’ll go into the advantages and disadvantages of using both ZipRecruiter and JobFinder to locate your next position. Keep reading if you want to find a job that suits both your needs and preferences or helps you break into a new field!



As the #1 job site in the United States, ZipRecruiter stands unparalleled in its ability to help its users find positions they love. When you create a free profile, you’ll have access to hundreds of job posts from all around the world. You can search for positions by job title, location, or company. ZipRecruiter will show you which jobs most closely match your experience and skills. Then, you’ll be able to apply to them with just 1 click, saving you time.

In addition, ZipRecruiter works on your behalf even when you’re not at your desk actively looking. The platform will show your profile to employers who are looking for job candidates like you. The employer can then invite you to apply for their open positions. Candidates who respond to these invitations are 3 times as likely to get hired!

Employers and potential job candidates can also message each other on the website, doing away with the need to give out personal contact information before the interview is scheduled (learn how to highlight your experience).

Job seekers can ask questions about the position, company culture, and more before they even meet the hiring manager. Even better, you can learn whether other people have enjoyed working for the company. ZipRecruiter allows the company’s current and former employees to leave anonymous reviews of their employers. The anonymity gives the reviewer the ability to be honest about their bosses and work culture. So, you can see whether you think you’d like to work at the company before you even apply.

ZipRecruiter and Safety


ZipRecruiter takes the safety of its users seriously and only allows job posts it believes to be real to remain on the site.

Candidates who come across suspicious-looking job posts are encouraged to report them. ZipRecruiter’s team will then personally review them and take them down if they do not seem real. So, when you use ZipRecruiter, you’re safer than you are on many other job-hunting sites.

Learn more about job search safety before you start your job hunt!



JobFinder also helps its users find positions, but its focus remains more on sharing information from different industries.

On the JobFinder website, you can find multiple articles about a variety of fields. This provides great information for people who are looking to enter an industry, perhaps after graduating or in a mid-career switch.

It can also assist you with staying on top of important industry news while you’re on the job hunt. JobFinder publishes articles for the following industries:

  • Business
  • Fashion
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Accounting

The advice JobFinder provides is backed by a lot of research, so it’s valuable for those who are on the search for a new career. Yet, these categories are a lot more limited than ZipRecruiter, which focuses on positions in every industry.

Better Together or Apart?


ZipRecruiter and JobFinder are both excellent resources for your job search, but their advantages are very different. ZipRecruiter focuses more on matching employers and job seekers, while JobFinder turns its attention more to certain industries and giving advice.

As such, it’s best to use them together. You can use your ZipRecruiter profile to find and apply to jobs and visit JobFinder when you need some extra advice. However, if you only have time to use one site, we recommend choosing ZipRecruiter.

You can also visit ZipRecruiter’s blog when you need job hunt information.

Ready to Get Started?

Using JobFinder and ZipRecruiter together can help you kickstart the next chapter in your career.

To create your ZipRecruiter profile, go to the ZipRecruiter website and follow the instructions listed there. You’ll need to have your resume prepared and be ready to enter information on your work history and skills. Start building your free profile today to get started!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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