Glassdoor vs. Indeed – Which Platform Suits Your Hiring Needs?

Glassdoor vs. Indeed

There are some significant differences between Glassdoor vs. Indeed. Learn more about how these two powerful hiring tools can help you find the right candidate for your job.

If you’re a recruiter looking to hire new employees, you’re probably wondering which site is better suited for your needs – Glassdoor vs. Indeed? While they may seem like competitors, Glassdoor and Indeed are actually sister sites. When used together their complimenting features can help your company along every step of the hiring process – from marketing and brand awareness to interview scheduling and hiring. We would also suggest to try Zip Recruiter, which so far we found to be the most reliable source to meet candidates.

In this article, we’ll share the main differences between Glassdoor and Indeed, and how you can use each site to find the best qualified candidates for your business. 

Who is Indeed?

Indeed is the largest job board in the world, with over 250 visitors coming to the site each month. It’s an excellent resource for job recruiters, as Indeed also has a catalog of nearly 175 million registered resumes. If you’re in the market for qualified job seekers, then Indeed is definitely one of the first places you should look.

In addition to their robust search features, Indeed also has several other tools to help you find the right candidate. Recruiters can use Indeed’s intelligent AI-matching technology, which will automatically recommend job seekers who fit their outlined requirements. 

Unlike other job sites, posting a job listing is completely free. This makes Indeed a powerful (and affordable) tool for any hiring manager.

Interested in how Indeed compares with other job sites? We made a full comparison between Indeed and CareerBuilder and Indeed vs. ZipRecruiter.

Who is Glassdoor?

Glassdoor is a popular site amongst job seekers, although it’s becoming increasingly useful for recruiters and hiring managers. It has primarily been a site for employees to rate and anonymously write reviews about their place of work. Employees can also choose to share their salary or job interview questions to help job seekers make a more informed decision about starting a new role.

As a recruiter, you’ll have the opportunity to create a company page to attract potential applicants. You can share top reviews and ratings, add exciting photos and videos, and create branded messaging to appeal to candidates. 

What’s the Difference Between Glassdoor vs. Indeed?

Glassdoor and Indeed are starkly different from each other, although they both have features that can help you with different aspects of the hiring process.

Glassdoor can help on the top level of the recruiting funnel by building brand awareness and attracting qualified job seekers. It also allows you to monitor what current or past employees are saying about your company, which is invaluable data for your executive or HR department.

Indeed is a job search engine, which allows you to find candidates and applicants to fill open roles you have within your company. You can sort through their resumes profiles, or you can post a job and wait for applicants to apply directly to your positions. 

How do Glassdoor and Indeed work together?

It’s best not to think of Glassdoor vs. Indeed as competitors, but rather two sites that can help paint a holistic picture of the hiring process. In fact, both websites are sister companies under the parent umbrella of Recruitment Holdings. Therefore, you can use both of them to streamline the hiring process and increase efficiency when finding new employees.

For example, any job you post on Indeed will automatically show up on Glassdoor (learn more about that here). The same goes with sponsored posts (you’re paid listings will also appear sponsored on Glassdoor, which is essentially free advertising!). Similarly, Indeed can also show company ratings and reviews to give job seekers more information about the company before they apply.

Because of the partnership, you’ll also have shared insights into who is landing on your page. Reporting on employee segments and ratings by location, department, and title are now visible across both sites. 

Over 80% of job seekers use either Indeed or Glassdoor, which means you’ll have a wide audience reach when you create an account. 

You can also increase your chances of finding a viable candidate when you sign up with ZipRecruiter. They post your listing on 100 other partner sites (many of which can reach niche audiences), which is a helpful tool to use in addition to Indeed and Glassdoor. 

Managing the hiring process from start to finish is crucial to success – as a recruiter and as a company. But with the partnership between Indeed and Glassdoor, it’s easier than ever for companies to oversee all aspects of employment. And remember, you can increase the number of candidate prospects you have been signing up with ZipRecruiter (one of the most reliable sites for finding employees) as well as Indeed and Glassdoor!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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