How Many Jobs Are Available in Capital Goods?

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A career in capital goods means you produce products used to produce other goods. If you’re wondering how many jobs are available in capital goods, there’s a perfect place for you. Head to ZipRecruiter to see all of the available job listings!

Yet, first, you’ll want to know what type of job dealing with capital goods you want to pursue. It will surprise you how many options there are! Generally, these jobs come in the form of both white-collar and blue-collar jobs. If you still have questions, we’ll break down just a few examples of many in each category.

How Many Jobs Are Available in Capital Goods?

White-Collar Jobs

1. Financial Controller

A financial controller possesses an important role in the production of capital goods. In fact, their job includes acting as the accountant for a capital goods company. If this role sounds like the one for you, begin your search on ZipRecruiter!

To get started, simply create an account and indicate what kind of job you want. The initial sign-up only takes a matter of minutes. Then, ZipRecruiter starts matching you to jobs. Even better, ZipRecruiter shares your profile with job recruiters. As such, ZipRecruiter helps you find a great job in capital goods fast.

2. Industrial Architect

An industrial architect plans a building used for the production of capital goods. Specifically, they make sure that the facility gets built safely and efficiently.

3. Computer Programmer

Those with a computer programming background can find jobs in capital goods! In fact, working as a computer programmer would allow you to design systems. Then, those systems manage the capital goods in production.

4. Marketing

Even sales and marketing backgrounds lead to a career in capital goods!

After all, capital goods often get sold to factories and facilities. So, marketing comes into play. If you possess marketing skills, apply to these capital goods jobs!

Blue-Collar Jobs

5. Production Worker

Production workers produce capital goods, making this job essential. By working directly in the factory, they ensure production runs smoothly. Because production workers work in a lot of industries, this role varies depending on what type of capital goods get produced.

6. Quality Control Manager

As a quality control manager, you make sure the capital goods become functional goods. In addition, you also become responsible for ensuring the goods get made to a certain quality degree. As a manager, you may also oversee a team of quality control inspectors. To work in this job, you go through an organization to become certified in quality control.

7. Vehicle Driver

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Drivers remain in high demand to transport goods. For this type of capital goods job, you’ll need a specific license, like a trucker’s license.

Get Better Jobs

These examples include just a taste of how many jobs are available in capital goods. As you begin the process of finding the perfect jobs on ZipRecruiter, check out our tips for having the best job application. Once you get invited to apply for a job, it’s time to make sure you are prepared for a job interview. Brush up on some popular interview questions and answers to help you have a strong interview. Then, end your interview by asking your interviewer some questions to really stand out!

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