LinkedIn Job Posting Cost: Is It Worth It?

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Trying to figure out if the LinkedIn job posting cost is worth it? With multiple job search sites and ever-changing algorithms, assessing your options can be confusing.

Over the last decade, LinkedIn has become a dominant figure in the recruiting world. The platform is known as the “largest professional network. It serves as an excellent resource for employers to spot new talent. Moreover, it managed to earn a lot of money by connecting employers with promising candidates. But is it worth it?

At the very least, LinkedIn is another job board where companies pay a fee to post job ads and connect with the right employees. And although the advantages are significant, it’s vital to maintain a presence on other job boards as well, such as ZipRecruiter. With ZipRecruiter, you get maximum exposure on more than 100 sites after you post your job opening and get matched with talented candidates.

Why Do Employers Post on Linkedin?

LinkedIn is a social network with more than 810 million users and 58 million registered businesses. Members create online profiles displaying the same information on their resumes. After that, they start building a professional reputation through networking, posts, and skill endorsements.

As a result, it’s easier for employers to spot candidates for their job openings. Then, they can engage with them in casual conversation. This allows room for reference checking, as well as achieving the first contact with prospects and figuring out if they could turn into job candidates. 

Additionally, candidates receive relevant job recommendations. These are based on the qualifications listed on their profiles. Then,  they can apply for positions on the go. This can speed up the recruiting process by meeting everyone’s criteria.

What’s the LinkedIn Job Posting Cost?

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Although LinkedIn offers the possibility to post a job free of charge, there are certain limitations. First, the charging model is cost-per-click. This means you must set a daily budget aside to accept charges every time someone clicks on your listing. However, you can still message candidates directly through the site and file, sort, and rate the applications you receive.

If you opt for LinkedIn’s paid packages, you’ll find the following options:

  • LinkedIn “Job Slots” cost $1,500 for a 30-days listing. This allows you to collaborate with your team on advanced management tools to navigate the recruiting process easily. 
  • The “Recruiter Lite” has a $120 monthly (or $1,200 when billed annually) fee, in addition to the listing cost. It sends up to 30 monthly InMail messages to candidates on the LinkedIn network and allows you to schedule interviews and track your listings’ performance.
  • The “Recruiter” has a $750 monthly fee, in addition to the listing cost. It sends 150 InMail messages to candidates on the LinkedIn network.

If you don’t like these costs, you might want to try something free, like ZipRecruiter. ZipRecruiter allows businesses to create accounts and post jobs without an extra charge. The platform’s AI technology will even match you with the best candidates. You can then invite them to apply to your positions. In addition, your job listing will get posted on more than 100 top job sites.

No wonder ZipRecruiter is the top job hunting website in the United States!

What Are the Pros and Cons of Linkedin Job Posting?

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  • Easy to reach passive candidates — the platform is a social network apart from a job board. Therefore, your job positions might appear to a large pool of people who may or may not be looking for a job.
  • Easy to check references — as a recruiter, references matter. Through LinkedIn, you can check on a candidate’s reputation and previous employers’ reviews to figure out their character and competence.
  • Useful for senior roles — filling higher-level positions is often more challenging. Employers can check a candidate’s long experience and well-established connections through LinkedIn.


  • Members might not be looking for a job — compared to a job board, where you’ll find only recruiters and candidates, LinkedIn is a social platform for professional networking. Therefore, your job listing might end up in front of the wrong eyes.
  • It can be pricey for small businesses — LinkedIn is focused mainly on larger enterprises with frequent hires throughout the year. This makes the pricing challenging to reach for startups or smaller businesses.
  • The pricing is blurry — LinkedIn doesn’t have a list of fees on its site. As a result, you’ll have to contact a salesperson to see a demo and get a quote.
  • It’s not optimal for niche industries — as a generic job posting site, it’s not ideal for employers targeting niche candidates, especially for technical jobs.
  • Brand identity matters — unlike other job boards, on LinkedIn, candidates consider employers’ brand identity and profile. This means that a business can’t just jump on the platform and post a job in the hopes that it’ll attract candidates. They have to build out their profile. 

Is the Linkedin Job Posting Cost Worth It?

The final verdict: LinkedIn job posting cost is worth it if you’re a larger enterprise. On the contrary, if you’re just starting out and looking to generate maximum exposure through affordable job listings, perhaps a job posting site like ZipRecruiter will fit the bill. Check out its free trial today and see for yourself!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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