Square Online Checkout Review

With the rise in online shopping due to the pandemic, small businesses must learn to adapt to selling online. Furthermore, that it’s more important than ever to find a good platform to do so. A platform like Square Online Checkout, with simple and effective e-commerce system to ensure their online business succeeds.

Larger systems may be too complex or too expensive for a small business e-commerce. However, Square has solved how to introduce a simple, yet highly functional system. Our Square Online Checkout review will dive into all the details. Learn how it might be the way to go for your small business ecommerce system.

What is Square Online Checkout?

Square Online Checkout is a simple solution Square has created for small business ecommerce to easily reach its customers. It’s as simple as creating a payment link (or button) with a name and price, sharing the link either via socials or direct, and letting the customer complete the transaction. There’s no website needed and customers don’t need any account or app to make the payment either.square online checkout reviews

Who is Square Online Checkout best suited for?

As noted previously, Square Online Checkout exists for the online small business/entrepreneur. Square’s new tool allows for small businesses with less of an online presence, website, etc. to easily produce transactions from their customer base, all online and with no complicated e-commerce system. In addition, these tools work well for sellers who are trying to promote their products via social media, blog posts, e-mail marketing or even as a simplified e-commerce tool on your website. If you’re looking to create your own website or email marketing campaigns, look no further than the Best Website Builder Software 2020 and Choosing the Right Email Marketing Platform for your Business.

square online checkout reviews

What does Square Online Checkout cost?

The biggest benefit is there is no monthly cost for the Square Online Checkout service, for either the owner or the customer. The only cost associated with the service is a 2.9% + 30¢ service fee per transaction. This helps business owners save money by not spending a hefty amount on an expensive full service ecommerce platform.


What are the biggest pros and cons of Square Online Checkout?


  • Simple and easy to use, making links and buttons is very easy
  • Little is required from the customer, increasing chances of a sale
  • No monthly fees
  • Very easy to keep organized and track for small business sales


  • Limited in features that most major ecommerce platforms have (customer profiles, content management, etc.)
  • Not suitable for high volume business
  • Limited to a few countries

Is Square Online Checkout right for my business?

small business ecommerceIf you are working during these times to move your business more into the online sphere, and need a way to interact with your customers in a contactless world, Square Online Checkout seems like a no-brainer. With no monthly fees and a simple and intuitive checkout system, Square Online Checkout appears to be the answer for many business owners during these times.

Although it doesn’t appear to be the long term answer for a growing business, as an ecommerce alternative it should do everything you need to conduct your business online. Checkout other Square Online Checkout reviews or try it out for yourself! If you’re looking for other ways to help your business checkout The Best Business Books You Need To Read In 2020.

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