Things to Do Before You’re 30 – 5 Important Items

30 is a big landmark age in everyone’s life. It often signifies your full transition in to adulthood, and often, parenthood. Your 20s is often seen as a time for exploration, adventure, risk taking and learning about yourself and life. But your 30s are seen as a time for establishment, convention and consistency. So before you reach that transition point, there are things to do before you’re 30 that everyone should partake in. Although everyone is different, this a main guideline on the adventures, progress and things you should strive to complete.

Things to Do Before You’re 30

1. Travel

This might not be a surprise, but your 20s is the best time for you to be able to travel. With less responsibilities, and more freedom to take time off of work and away from your daily life, you can spend time adventuring and seeing the parts of the world you’re drawn to. Try to make a list of all of your top travel locations. From there, make a plan how you can achieve those travel goals. Set budgets for how much you need to save. Also, consistently look up deals for travel to help you get there faster. You can even make travel your work by taking jobs that let you travel.

2. Live Somewhere New

If you’re someone who has spent their life where they grow up, it might be a good time to adventure in to a new city. Of the major things to do before you’re 30, this one gets forgotten often. Living in a new city doesn’t just lead to new excitement in life. A new city can create opportunities and major life events you may not have experienced elsewhere. Take some time to look at surrounding cities near you. Or even look across the world. Find cities that interest you and fit your lifestyle. From there, search online for work and job openings in your field. You might just be surprised where it leads you. Then, in your 30s, you can settle down where you love.

3. Get Fit

As we get older, it gets much harder to stay in shape. That’s why in your 20s, it’s important not to take your health for granted. Find an exercise or activity that you love and gets your blood going. Join a team sport or recreational activity. Explore local outdoor activities like hiking, biking or swimming. This is also a great way to meet new people and grow your social circle.

4. Learn Something New

Of the things to do before you’re 30, this one is important to your well-being. In your 30s, it’s good to have some sort of outlet that you can rely on to relieve stress and down time. No matter what your hobbies are currently, aim to add learning a skill or something that can benefit you down the road. Examples of this could be woodworking, learning a new language, writing, cooking, etc. Once you’re older, you can continue to enjoy these skills with the less time you have. Your 20s are about enjoying yourself, but you’re also paving the way for your adult life.

5. Find the Job/Career You Love

This one is important, but might take you the longest amount of time. Since your 20s requires less long-term responsibility, this gives you an opportunity to explore what you love professionally. The jobs you do in yours 20s are unlikely to be what you do for the rest of your life. But the work you take on should help give you an idea of what you enjoy. Avoid settling on your work, and trying different things. If you’re unhappy, try to find work that interests you and gets you excited. By the time you’re 30, you want to be climbing the ladder on the career choice you’ve chased.

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