What Are the Best Ed Tech Jobs?

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Working an ed tech job constitutes a great way to work in education. After all, tons of remote and in-person ed tech jobs exist! The technology field still grows fast in the education world. So, teachers need ed tech tools. If looking for ed tech jobs stresses you out, head on over to ZipRecruiter! If you do so, their job search platform gets you connected to all kinds of ed tech jobs!

Best Ed Tech Jobs

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As the #1 job search site in the United States,  ZipRecruiter offers great ed tech jobs. Using keywords for the specific type of ed tech job you want, search jobs on their platform. Or, work with their candidate onboarding to get specific job recommendations. Your profile also gets shared with hiring companies. These employers sometimes invite you to apply. So, ZipRecruiter makes the job search easy!

In fact, the platform even shows you how qualified you are for each position. So, focus your time on applying to the jobs you’re more likely to hear back from!

1. Educational Technologist

Educational technologists often develop and test out technology tools. Also, these workers train teachers on how to use these tools in their lessons. To find these job openings, begin your search on ZipRecruiter. First, create a free account. After you do so, ZipRecruiter starts matching you to the right jobs!

2. Educational Software Programmer

Do you love programming? Consider going into educational software programming! As educational software programmers, people create software used in the classroom. This type of software gets used in all types of classrooms. Also, people create software used outside of the classroom.

3. Course Designer

Working with other ed tech jobs, course designers create online courses on education platforms. With the help of educational software or gaming companies, they create visually pleasing, organized online courses.

4. Training Materials Designer

A training materials designer creates training programs. These programs get used for all kinds of platforms and programs.

5. Media Specialist

A media specialist may work in a school library. As such, this role remains great for people seeking a job that directly supports teachers and students. Yet, you don’t need to stay limited to just a school setting! For example, a media specialist also works in general libraries or database warehouses. In addition, they provide information and education to your community.

6. Online Teacher

If you want to get really involved in the education world, look into being an online teacher. Even though most schools operate in person, a variety of platforms allow you to work from home. All you need is an internet connection and the right technology!

7. Educational Technology Specialist

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An educational technology specialist works in a school. As such, your job is to help them implement technology in their curriculum. Further, you’d help get online classes set up and to help with any smart hardware needs.

8. Educational Technology Trainer

An educational technology trainer also works in a school. In this job, you train and teach teachers and administration about technology. This could include demonstrations, guides, webinars, and training. You would be an ed tech teacher to other teachers! If this is a great fit, you’ll enjoy helping and teaching other adults.

Get Ready for a Career in Ed Tech

Ed tech jobs remain on the rise. Considering leaving your job? If so, start looking at ed tech jobs on ZipRecruiter! This gives you flexibility and choice in the job you take. Found an ed tech job that you want to apply to on ZipRecruiter? Make sure you review our interview tips to help you land your job!


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