What Is the Average Technical Project Manager Salary? 

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Some of us are good at starting projects; others are good at finishing projects. Project managers are the few of us who are good at both! If you’re also good at leading others, staying organized, and keeping dozens of plates spinning, you could have an incredibly successful career as a technical project manager. But first, you need to know the average technical project manager salary.

You may have already started searching for technical project manager roles on ZipRecruiter. Read on to find out what you’ll do in this role and what you’ll get paid!

What Does a Technical Project Manager Do?   

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A technical project manager makes sure everything stays on deadline. They work on non-tangible projects, such as developing a new piece of software. 

People in these roles may have specialist knowledge of computer science, architecture, and infrastructure. 

If you want to learn what you’ll do in a technical project manager career, create a profile on ZipRecruiter. There are thousands of project manager roles available on ZipRecruiter. Employers often list the responsibilities they want to give the future employee. In addition, the platform will use its AI matching technology to find you positions you’re the most qualified to get.

Even better, you can apply with just 1 click, saving you time!

What Skills Do You Need?

As we alluded to above, a technical project manager’s skills require specialist knowledge. But they also include soft skills. A brief browse of technical project manager jobs on ZipRecruiter will tell you that you need: 

  • Good communication skills 
  • Good leadership skills 
  • Flexibility 
  • Troubleshooting skills 
  • The ability to talk to both your team and stakeholders and modify the language you use to it makes sense for each 
  • The potential to work well under pressure 
  •  Self-starter qualities
  • To have a deep understanding of project management life cycles (with a project management certification) 
  • An understanding of computer science so you can liaise with the team 

Technical Project Manager Salary

The average technical project manager salary is $84,000 – $153,000 a year, with the average around $115,000. Entry-level positions are a little less, so you should expect to make around $95,000 in your first role. Senior technical project managers can expect to make $150,000, especially in lucrative industries. 

Most technical project managers also get significant benefits that aren’t included in this salary. 

The Demand for Technical Project Managers 

Technical project managers are in high demand. Technology can take a huge range of tasks off our plates. It’s up to technical project managers to ensure that projects that will make life easier for people. In addition, they’ll ensure projects come to fruition on time and within budget. New tech companies are appearing all the time, and they all need technical project managers. 

Does This Position Suit Me?

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Do you have project management experience or leadership experience in a technical role? If so, you may be ready to take on a technical project manager role. You need to be ready to lead the entire project and be more hands-off than you may have been before if you worked in software development as a team lead.

Project management is all about managing people, so you’ve got to be able to understand and help troubleshoot the problems facing your team. When necessary, you’ve got to be able to motivate your team and set realistic expectations with stakeholders. 

It’s not always an easy job, but unlike other types of project managers, you can often do the role remotely. 

Find Your First Job as a Technical Project Manager

With such a lucrative technical project manager salary, it’s easy to see why great managers are attracted to these roles. If you enjoy managing people, you’ll likely thrive as a technical project manager. 

To find your first job as a technical project manager, head to ZipRecruiter. Need advice on how to negotiate your salary? See our advice here: How to Negotiate Salary in a Job Interview. If you’re all about maximizing your income and quality of life, see our post on Average Salaries in U.S. Cities to find the most lucrative place to work.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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