What is the Best Place to Post Restaurant Jobs?

best place to post restaurant jobs

Are you on the hunt for the best place to post restaurant jobs? With the restaurant industry slowly recovering from the detrimental effects of the pandemic, the need for talented workers increases. Your staff can make or break your brand concept and keep things running when you’re not around. That’s why hiring qualified employees that fulfill their responsibilities is vital.

To target top talent among job seekers, employers usually turn to job boards to relieve some of the pressure of the hiring process. Sure, you can post an ad on Craigslist and expect fast results, but is this the wisest course of action? Each time you pick an applicant who doesn’t work out, you lose time and money trying to find a replacement and train them all over again.

What is the Best Place to Post Restaurant Jobs?

This is where a job searching site like ZipRecruiter comes at hand. With the biggest network of job boards in its system and intelligent matching technology, you’ll be able to source talent fast and more efficiently. So let’s explore some job posting sites that’ll help you find the right restaurant workers in no time. Ready? Let’s dive in!

1. ZipRecruiter

best place to post restaurant jobs

If you’re looking for a popular site that generates exposure for employers with leading AI technology, ZipRecruiter is the right fit for you. Post restaurant jobs for servers, kitchen help, cooks, or entry-level workers and receive astonishing results at reasonable rates.

Beyond ZipRecruiter’s exceptional technology, you’ll also enjoy a handful of tools to make the hiring process easier, such as:

  • Resume database — keep your resumes in one place and apply multiple filters to find suitable candidates for your job opening.
  • Invite to apply — be proactive by sending personal messages to restaurant candidates you spot in the system, and receive the best job applications.
  • Dashboard — sort, review, and rate all your candidates. Then receive similar results to the candidates you rated positively.
  • Screening questions — use questions to filter the non-qualified applicants and save time.

All in all, ZipRecruiter works best for both small businesses and large chains. The extensive network distribution is a highlight among its features, with job postings on more than 100 sites. In addition, it offers pricing plans for businesses of all sizes with free trial options that employers can test before committing. However, it might be a bit steep for smaller restaurants with more limited price ranges.

2. Craigslist

best place to post restaurant jobs

The Craigslist site offers local job ads and a smaller, localized pool of participants. It allows employers to customize their listings without word limitations and structure restrictions, which adds to the overall flexibility of the platform. In addition, you can sort the results based on keywords, neighborhoods, and other criteria and redirect candidates to your email address or website form.

Craigslist pricing depends on the location. Usually, larger cities come with higher prices. But especially if you have an hourly or part-time job opening, it’s the ideal platform to find candidates. However, the way Craigslist’s algorithm works is in chronological order. That means that your listing will be pushed down over time. Therefore, quality prospects won’t be able to find you.

3. Indeed

best place to post restaurant jobs

Still on the hunt for the best place to post restaurant jobs? Check out Indeed. The platform is widely used for restaurant job openings and provides employers with valuable tools for managing their listings. In fact, if you have to fill multiple similar positions, its bulk posting feature will allow you to create and edit multiple job listings at once.

One of its perks is that it allows you to conduct the whole hiring process without leaving the platform. So, for example, you can arrange interviews and make offers after you narrow down your results. However, although Indeed offers a free job posting option, it’s a pay-to-play platform at its core, and you won’t be able to access key features such as inviting candidates to apply.

Finding the Best Place to Post Restaurant Jobs

Managing your current employees while searching for new ones can be challenging. Thankfully, with the job boards listed above, you’re now armed with the right tools to navigate the job searching process confidently.

Although it’s unlikely that one job search site will encompass all your needs, ZipRecruiter is one of the best places to post restaurant jobs to fill your restaurant positions fast. So start your free trial today, and access qualified professionals in no time.

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