How to Post a Job on Google for a Remote Job Position

Do you want to get the most out of your hiring process and find a qualified candidate for your remote position as soon as possible? If so, you need to know how to post a job on Google.

Google boasts an incredible 4.3 billion users worldwide. That’s over half the world’s population. So, when you post your open position on Google, you gain access to millions of potential applicants (learn more about great job platforms here).

How to Post a Job on Google for a Remote Job Position

Below, we’ll get into everything you need to know about listing your vacancy on Google in a way that gives you all the advantages of using ZipRecruiter as well. If you want to learn how to get more applicants in a shorter amount of time, keep reading!

Get on ZipRecruiter

how to post a job on google

If you want to learn how to post a job on Google, it may seem counterintuitive to first go to ZipRecruiter. In reality, though, getting on ZipRecruiter first helps you get candidates from Google, too.

ZipRecruiter is the United States’s top job hunting platform. It has 25 million active users, including those who want to work remotely, and uses innovative technology to help job seekers and employers find each other.

When you create a free profile, ZipRecruiter allows your company to build job posts. When the posts go live, they’ll get pushed to more than 100 of the top job hunting sites, including Google.

In fact, Google and ZipRecruiter have very intentionally worked together to fine-tune a job search feature. All of ZipRecruiter’s job posts get placed into Google’s index, which means they’ll appear when people make relevant searches. That way, you can get candidates even if they didn’t intend to look on ZipRecruiter in the first place!

You can try any of ZipRecruiter’s 3 plans for free. This allows you to customize your employee search without overspending your budget.

The Other Benefits of ZipRecruiter

how to post a job on google

What are some of the advantages of being on ZipRecruiter while you learn how to post a job on Google? First, as soon as you create job posts, you’ll start getting matched with high-quality candidates. ZipRecruiter’s highly attuned algorithm looks at your requirements and preferences and finds candidates from its database that match them in a close manner.

Then, you can review these options and invite them to apply. You’ll also get candidates from people using ZipRecruiter to search for roles like yours.

ZipRecruiter also lets you build your reputation as a company. On your profile, you can share a bit about your mission, why people would want to work with you, and any other important information. Current and former employees have the ability to review you, helping others figure out whether or not they’d be a good fit.

Writing the Listing

how to post a job on google

Any article on learning how to post a job on Google wouldn’t be complete without teaching you how to write better job posts. After all, even if you have your job posted on Google, you won’t attract as many talented professionals if you don’t write an engaging job post.

ZipRecruiter has some customizable job listing templates for many different types of positions. Each is designed to help you appeal to job seekers who are looking for a particular position. Need to change something? You can add in your own text to make sure the description matches your company.

When you write your job description, focus first on the type of person you’re looking for. Tell the candidate what they’ll be expected to do and what personal strengths/work style preferences they will need to thrive in the role. If possible, include some basic information about your company here and how their work will contribute to the business.

Then, list the role’s responsibilities, followed by the qualifications the ideal candidate will have. Finally, include information on any benefits you offer, such as paid time off, health insurance, or sick leave.

ZipRecruiter allows candidates to apply right from the site, but if you want them to apply in another way, include instructions on how to do so. If you require a cover letter with the application, write that in the job post.

Get the Most Out of the Hiring Process

Now that you’ve learned how to post a job on Google, you’re ready to get more out of your hiring process.

On ZipRecruiter’s platform, you have everything you need to manage your hiring from start to finish. All you need to do is figure out what types of candidates you’re looking for and start collecting applications and interviewing!

Learn more about where people are looking for jobs!

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