Best Hiring Platforms for Small Businesses

Best Hiring Platforms

If you’re a small business eagerly searching to fill your open job positions, then take a look at our top picks for the best hiring platforms online. 

Small businesses are faced with their own challenges when it comes to hiring new talent, including knowing which best hiring platforms to use to fill open positions. While there are many job boards and posting sites online, not all of them are helpful to small businesses. Besides having limited resources or recruiting departments, these companies also need a tool that’s affordable and efficient. 

To help make your employee search easier, we put together this list of the top 6 hiring platforms for small businesses. 

The 6 Best Hiring Platforms for Small Businesses

1. Upwork

If you need some help with a project but don’t have the resources to hire a full-time employee, then Upwork is a great option for your small business. As the best hiring platform for freelancers, you’ll be able to sort through millions of profiles to find writers, designers, SEO specialists, lawyers, artists, etc. 

You can hire freelancers on a per-project basis, or you can pay them hourly. All client communication and even payment is handled through Upwork itself, which makes it easy for both parties to stay organized. 

2. Fiverr

Similar to Upwork Fiverr is a great job board to find freelancers. As a small business owner, you know how difficult it is to find reliable and experienced talent, but Fiverr has made it easier than ever to connect directly with artists, designers, engineers, marketers, and writers. 

Best of all, it’s completely free for the first year. In addition to the freelancer profile catalog, you’ll also have access to a dedicated Business Success Manager who is on hand to help sort through talent to find the right freelancer for your needs.

3. ZipRecruiter

If you’re looking to add some new part-time or full-time employees to your roster, then ZipRecruiter is one of the best hiring platforms to use. Once you post a job opening with them, they’ll immediately send it to over 100 different sites, which means you’re listing will have maximum exposure.

ZipRecruiter also uses matching technology to connect with candidates that fit your requirements, taking the pain out of sorting through hundreds of applications yourself. They also offer small businesses a free trial, so there’s no financial commitment. Plus, you get to keep any applicants who applied for the job during the trial phase, so you really have nothing to lose! 

Best Hiring Platforms

4. Indeed

As the largest job posting site in the world, Indeed is a no-brainer for small businesses looking to recruit new talent. They have over 250 million registered users, which means you’ll have access to one of the largest pools of potential employees on the internet. 

Their intuitive dashboard allows you to manage your posting and see your top candidates that fit your criteria. You can even conduct a virtual interview right through their website. While it’s completely free to post on Indeed, you can pay to promote your listing for maximum visibility. 

5. Hired

Tech and engineering-focused employees are some of the most sought after applicants on the market today, which can make hiring somewhat difficult, especially for small businesses. Thankfully, Hired is a great resource if you’re looking to fill a tech position. 

You’ll be able to see everything about the candidate, including their wish lists, job expectations, and salary requirements. And you’ll see how they score on role-based tests and coding challenges, eliminating the need for an in-person assessment. This leads to approximately 45 hours saved searching for and interviewing candidates.

6. LinkedIn Jobs

Although LinkedIn has primarily been used as a professional social networking site, they have also grown to become one of the best hiring platforms for all types of businesses. Not only will you reach millions of job seekers, but you’ll also be able to find passive talent (employees who are currently working but are open to new opportunities). 

They also use matching technology that shows your listing to users that meet your desired criteria. Posting a job is free, although you can also set a budget to promote your listing, which LinkedIn says may result in 3 times more applicants. 

While it may not be an easy task to fill your open positions, we hope that at least you have a better idea about where to start your employee search. For more information and resources on posting jobs, check out our guide on how to list an open role efficiently online. We also put together information on how to hire employees and a review of the best 3 job posting sites for 2021.

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