The 5 Best Recruiting Websites to Find New Employees

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As a recruiter, it’s easy to stick to the same few recruiting websites to find new employees. However, if you’re only using job boards to list your open positions, you might be missing out on strong candidates! Thankfully there are plenty of great resources online that are available to recruiters. Here are just a few of our favorites. 

5 Recruiting Websites to Find New Employees

1. ZipRecruiter

As one of the most popular recruiting websites to find new employees, ZipRecruiter is the best at finding qualified candidates. ZipRecruiter helps you to connect with millions of potential applicants. They do this by sending out your job posting to over 100 different individual job sites for maximum exposure. It’s no wonder why most employers get qualified applicants in just a day of listing their job! 

For more information on working with ZipRecruiter, check out our article on how to list a job posting as an employer.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great resource for recruiters because it allows you to reach out to millions of potential applicants. This is even if they aren’t necessarily active in their job search. Because most professionals have a LinkedIn profile, you’ll be able to see their profile and their relevant work experience. You’ll be able to do this even without even creating a job posting. If you do see someone who is qualified, you’ll be able to send them a message directly through the platform. 

3. Upwork

Upwork is a popular recruiting website for consultants and freelancers. But it’s also a great tool for employers filling permanent positions as well. Posting a job through Upwork gives you access to over 18 million profiles for all types of industries. These include marketing, engineering, design, finance, legal, and more. While many users are looking for part-time or temporary work, you can also filter through freelancers available for full-time employment. 

The main difference between Upwork and more traditional job posting sites is that communication and payment (hourly or by project) are handled directly through the site. You’ll also be able to build relationships with different freelancers and open up the possibility of working with them on a more permanent basis.

4. Indeed

With Indeed, not only will potential employees be able to find your posting online, but you’ll also have the opportunity to filter through millions of resumes and profiles to find the ideal candidate with the skillset you’re looking for. 

You can filter profiles based on experience, location, salary compensation, and even unique skills to find the perfect candidate for your listing. Their recruiting strategy is one of the most successful techniques out there, which is why Indeed is responsible for almost ½ of all the hires in the United States. 

5. Meetup

If you’ve never heard of Meetup, then you’re missing out on an important networking tool that could help you fill your open roles at your company. Meetup is a platform that connects people with similar interests online and allows them to meet in person by hosting different types of organized events. Although Meetup is not specifically a recruiting website, it can be used to meet other people in the industry and to expand your professional network.

There are numerous types of events for all types of business-minded folk all around the world. Meetups for startup companies, developers, marketing professionals are just a few of the events that can be hosted through the site. 

Recruiters – we understand how hard it is to find, connect, and hire potential employees. There are a lot of resources and recruiting websites out there. We hope that this list showed you something new and valuable that you can use for your future endeavors. If you’re looking for more information about finding candidates, check out our complete guide on advertising your job posting as well as different ways to fill an open position in your company. 

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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