Where to Find the Best Snow Tires for 2022 

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If there’s one thing your vehicle needs in winter, it’s grip. Ice and snow make driving treacherous, so you need the best snow tires for 2022. No matter what car you drive, your tires play a crucial role in getting you where you need to be. You may own a top-of-the-range SUV, but that means nothing without the right tires! 

The good news is we’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up the best winter car tires to get you through until spring. 

5 Best Snow Tires for 2022 

1. Cooper Evolution H/T

Cooper Evolution H/T – Tirebuyer.com

If your budget is limited, you can’t do better than these tires from Cooper! They are perfect for passenger vehicles and SUVs alike. Using directional patterns, these tires give you traction on the road no matter what the weather throws at you. The designers made these tires with winter in mind. They work well in low temperatures and disperse slush and water. You also have the option to add studs if conditions get really bad. And all at a mid-price point!

2. Toyotires Observe G3 Ice

Toyotires Observe G3 Ice – Tirebuyer.com

Even less expensive, the Toyotires Observe G3 Ice is another of the best snow tires for 2022 you can add studs to.  This tire is ready to tackle your worst winter roads in comfort and confidence. Designed for the toughest winters, Mother Nature can dish out. This tire also features a directional tread pattern, which channels water and slush away. 

3. Continental Viking Contact 7

Continental Viking Contact 7 – Tirebuyer.com

The Continental Viking Contact 7 provides the best snow tire for 2022 for your sedan car. With incredible performance on wet and icy roads, it’s the perfect solution for your next winter tire. Featuring traction and braking that can get you there and back safely and securely. And the beauty is not just skin deep. It also happens to have low rolling noise so you can travel through the season in confidence and comfort.

4. General Altimax Arctic 12

General Altimax Arctic 12 – Tirebuyer.com

If studs are a must, look no further than this tire from the General Altimax Arctic 12. The next generation of a winter favorite, this studdable tire offers even better traction and tread life than the original. And also gives your car, minivan, crossover, or SUV powerful, dependable traction in cold temperatures and on wet, snowy, and icy roads, while also offering longer life than its predecessor.

5. Nexen Aria AH7

Nexen Aria AH7 – Tirebuyer.com

This is a well-priced option from Nexen. This high-performance touring tire delivers long-lasting handling and traction, plus a smooth, quiet ride. The tread improves cornering and traction under all winter conditions and efficiently drains water to avoid hydroplaning. Plus, Nexen Total Coverage Warranty now includes a Road Hazard Replacement Program that replaces a tire if damaged under normal wear for one year or first 2/32nds of wear.

Get Your Winter Tires for 2022 Now 

If you want your winter travel to go smoothly and safely this winter, you should swap out your tires for one of the tires from the list of best snow tires for 2022 above as soon as possible. Don’t leave it until you see that first frost or the first snowfall! 

Since we all know that the switch to the best snow tires for 2022 means that the holidays are on their way, why not get extra prepared with our top choice of artificial trees and our favorite Christmas vacation destinations?  


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