Where to Post a Job for Free

How to Post a Job for Free

Are you an employer looking to hire qualified candidates? Then check out 7 of the best ways to post a job for free.

One of the hardest parts about being a recruiter is knowing how to attract top talent without spending too much on advertising. Thankfully, there are different ways where you can post a job for free – online and in person. With so many eager and qualified applicants in the workforce, it’s possible to find someone that fits your required skills without dipping too far into your company budget. 

Here are a couple of cheap and easy ways to find qualified candidates for your open positions. 

7 Ways to Post a Job for Free

1. Your Company Website

Although most employers take an active role when searching for employees, they often forget about one of the most valuable ways to attract passive applicants – their own website. When job seekers are looking for open positions, they usually check job posting sites as well as the company websites themselves. By not listing roles on your website, you might be losing potential applicants who are interested in working with your company.

2. University Campuses

If you are looking to fill an internship or entry-level position, then you might consider advertising your listing at local college campuses. There are multiple ways that you can reach out to current students and alumni – most of which are completely free.

One option is to attend a job fair on campus. Not only are fairs great for brand and company recognition, but you’ll likely receive dozens of resumes from eager students looking for work.

Another option is to advertise your job through a university’s online job posting site. Most colleges and universities have an online resource explicitly targeted for entry-level employees, so you can connect with potential employees without stepping foot on campus.

3. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is one of our top choices for employers because it’s not your typical job board website. They actually distribute your listing to over 100 different job sites, which means you’ll have access to more applicants and potential employees. In fact, 4 out of 5 employers will get a quality candidate within just a day of posting their job online.

You can post a job for free by signing up for the 4-day ZipRecruiter trial. Once you create your account, you’ll be able to enter all the details about your posting (description, location, required skills, benefits, compensation) before setting it live for the world to see.

Ready to post your job on ZipRecruiter? You can learn more about the benefits of ZipRecruiter and take your first steps to find qualified candidates by reading our complete ZipRecruiter for employers guide.

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4. Indeed for Employers

Indeed for Employers is one of the biggest job posting sites on the internet. There are tons of free features that recruiters will find useful when looking for new employees, like being able to list required skills, add screener questions and assessments, and even scheduling interviews. 

Although the basic features of Indeed for Employers are free, you’ll have a much better chance of finding the right applicant if you promote your listing. Indeed charges on a pay-per-click model, although you can set your budget depending on how much you want to spend on promotion. 

5. LinkedIn

Another great site to post a job for free is on LinkedIn. One of the biggest benefits of using this site is that you already have tapped into the largest professional network on the internet, which makes it easy to connect with potential employees.

Posting a job on LinkedIn is also incredibly easy. All you have to do is fill out a job description template and set your desired skills and targeting metrics. In your dashboard, you’ll be able to see and compare your applicants based on experience and skills so you can easily filter out unqualified resumes. 

You can also promote your job listening for an extra fee, although this is somewhat more expensive than other job posting sites like Indeed or ZipRecruiter. You can read more about how LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter compare here.

6. Facebook Groups

Social Media is one of the most underrated sources for employers. There are quite literally hundreds of Facebook Groups dedicated to finding work in a specific profession, whether that’s engineering, business, or creative. 

Another option is to post your listing in a city-specific Facebook Group. This network of job seekers and recruiters is a great way to find interested employees that could be the perfect fit for your company.

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to seek out highly qualified candidates for your company’s job openings. Between the traditional job posting sites, social media groups, and in-person job fairs, you’ll have no problem finding potential employees that meet your desired requirements. 

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