Best Blue Light Glasses for Daily Computer Work

Best Blue Light Glasses for Work

After several hours of typing away at your computer, have you ever stepped away from the screen and noticed how tired your eyes felt? Digital devices emit blue light from the screen, which can cause eye strain and make it difficult to read or concentrate for long periods of time. To combat the uncomfortable affect that blue lights have on your eyes, it’s recommended to wear one of the best blue light blocking glasses.


Blue light glasses can be made in your eyeglass prescription, although they can also be worn by people with perfect vision too. While there are numerous styles and brands on the market, here are a few of the best blue light glasses you can purchase today.


  1. Jackson Glasses

Best Blue Light Glasses for Work

Made with hand cut acetate frames and premium scratch resistant polymer lenses, these Jaxson blue light blocking glasses by Diff Eyewear are stylish as much as they are protective. The classic round frame is suitable for both men and women, and they come in a handful of colors, from solstice tortoise and hunter blue to vintage crystal and black blue. They can be ordered as-is or with prescription lenses.

  1. Waylaid Glasses

Best Blue Light Glasses for Work

Say goodbye to sore eyes and painful straining headaches with these stylish Waylaid frames by eyebobs. They come in over a dozen colors, including crystal clear, blue crystal, orange tortoise, and transparent blush, so it’s easy to find something that fits your sense of style. They can be ordered in an average or wide-fitting size, which makes them one of the best blue light blocking glasses for both men and women. However, they don’t have a nose bridge, so if you usually have trouble preventing your glasses from sliding down, then you might consider opting for the average fit.


  1. SMART Anti-Blue Light Glasses

Best Blue Light Glasses for Work

Bomber Eyewear is known for producing high-quality, durable eye glasses, and their blue light blocking lenses are no exception. They have six different styles to choose from, although we prefer the SMART design for its subtle yet strong frame. These glasses are also made with UVA and UVB blocking materials, which is a great addition to the blue light filtering lenses that come standard with the frame. Best of all, they’re quite affordable, which means you have no excuse for subjecting your eyes to digital strain and pain!


  1. Ray-Ban Gold Aviator Eyeglasses

Best Blue Light Glasses for Work

The classic aviator style is back in full swing with these retro Ray-Ban frames made with blue light blocking technologies. They have a simple gold wire frame and tortoise shell tips that add a touch of style to its simplistic design. They look great on all face shapes and genders and can easily be adjusted using the nose pads. When you buy them through Eye Buy Direct, you can customize your lenses to suit your needs. In addition to blue light lenses, you can also choose to have them made with prescription, multi-focal, light intelligent, or even straight up tinted lenses.

  1. MVP Glasses

Best Blue Light Glasses for Work

As its name implies, the MVP glasses by Privé Revaux are at the top of their game when it comes to blue light blocking lenses. They have a square shape and thick cellulose acetate frame that’s very flattering on a number of face shapes. They come in four different colors, including black, chestnut brown, midnight plum, and black with white temples. And because they come pre-fitted with lenses that block UV rays from screens, digital devices, and artificial lights at no extra charge, they’re easily one of the best blue light glasses we’ve seen.


  1. The Modern Cat Eye Glasses

Best Blue Light Glasses for Work

Bring a bit of vintage flair to your workday with these fashionable cat-eye frame glasses. Made in either clear baby blue or transparent dusty pink, these colorful frames will add a touch of color to your wardrobe. The blue light blocking lenses are virtually clear, which means you won’t see any harsh yellow tones or weird coloring that you can find on other types of blue light glasses. With these glasses, you definitely won’t have to sacrifice style for protection.

Trust us – protecting your eyes with one of these best blue light glasses is a lifesaver. Even if you only spend a few hours a day at the computer or on your phone, you’ll immediately see and feel a difference once you switch over to using blue light blocking lenses.


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