How to Travel in Your 20s – 6 Best Tips

Traveling is a big commitment, especially in your 20s. While you may have more time on your hands, you’re likely balancing a lot of daily responsibilities. This can make taking time off to do some traveling a bit difficult. But just because it’s a big commitment, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it! Traveling can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life, so learning how to travel in your 20s can be essential.

But what are some things you can do to make it easier on yourself? How do we afford it? How do you manage taking time off work? And what are some things we should plan for when traveling? We’ve got it all covered below.

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How to Travel in Your 20s

1. Prepare Your Finances (and Start Saving)

Where you are planning on traveling will dictate how much you should be saving, and for how long. If you’re planning a short trip within’ a few hundred miles, you should be able to save up easily over a few months. If you’re planning on traveling abroad, or taking a long trip, you’ll need to plan accordingly. To start budgeting, consider these few things:

  • Where are you traveling?
  • How long are you going for?
  • How much will you be spending on a daily average? (excluding travel costs and hotel stays)

Once you answer these questions, think about how much you are comfortable putting away monthly. After calculating this, you can map out how many months it will take to save, and give a target date for when you can make the trip. Getting your finances in order is key to learning how to travel in your 20s.

2. Speak With Your Employer Sooner Rather Than Later

Since you’ll be taking off time from your work, it’s a good idea to be proactive with your employer. Let them know you’re planning to take time off around a specific time, and for how long you will be gone. It’s best to give a few months notice, but it’s even better to bring it up to your manager as soon as you begin planning and saving. That way you can be sure to get your time off approved.

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3. Find Friends / A Group to Travel With

While it may seem obvious, traveling is exponentially easier when traveling with friends and acquaintances. With more people thinking about and researching dinner deals, hotel stays, flight times and more, you’re likely going to cut costs and have a better time traveling. You can split costs on hotel rooms, dining, activities and more as well.

4. Scour the Internet for Great Package Deals

Shopping for hotel and air bundles is an excellent way to save on your travel expenses. Sites like or can get you awesome deals on bundled travel so you can spend your money on fun activities. You can also use sites like Groupon to find deals and packages on activities where you’re traveling for ultra-saving.

5. Pick Realistic Destinations

While it may be your dream to head out to Dubai or Fiji, it might not be an option in your 20s. One of the most important tips when thinking about how to travel in your 20s is to be realistic with your travel plans. Find destinations that fit your price point while still giving you many of the things you’d like to do on vacation. Often times, you can find great travel options very close to you, so you can save on travel costs such as flights and expensive hotel stays.

6. Consider Taking a New Job That Travels

If you’re someone who truly wants to spend their 20s traveling, you could always consider finding a job that does just that. Plenty of jobs require lots of travel, and allow you to explore the world while working. We wrote up a full article on jobs that require lots of travel, so check it out if it interests you.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you have the tips you need to learn how to travel in your 20s, there’s nothing to lose! Get out there in the world and start making memories! Check out sites like, or or for some amazing vacation packages.

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