Where to Find Resumes for Your Job Openings

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If you’re looking to fill a position, you need to know where to find resumes of qualified candidates by figuring out where they’re looking. Yet, running a search for resumes through Google or another platform is likely to prove fruitless because there’s no guarantee you’ll be matched with the best candidates.

That’s where job sites like ZipRecruiter come in. When you use these platforms, your ability to find high-quality candidates increases dramatically.

Below, we’ll get into how sites like ZipRecruiter can help you find resumes for your open positions.

Find Resumes for Your Job Opening

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1. ZipRecruiter

As the #1 job hunting site in the United States, ZipRecruiter is the best place to find resumes for any open position. Its 25 million monthly users come from a wide variety of backgrounds and possess all levels of experience, from entry-level to leadership.

When you create your business’s ZipRecruiter profile, the platform will ask you about your company. You’ll also get to specify what you’re looking for in your candidates and write engaging, customized job posts. Once you complete your job descriptions, they’ll get published on the website, and candidates will be able to find them and apply for your positions.

Your job posts will also get sent to more than 100 other top job sites. So, you’ll have the chance to find resumes from a wide variety of sources.

ZipRecruiter also automatically matches you with the top candidates on its site. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to review their resumes and invite the best matches to apply.

You can also find resumes on your own and reach out to the candidates from whom you want to hear more.

To get started reaping the benefits of ZipRecruiter, choose from 1 of these 3 plans.

In addition, you can use your ZipRecruiter presence to encourage more people to send their resumes in. ZipRecruiter allows you to build a company page on which your current and former employees can leave reviews. If they do this, others will have the opportunity to learn about your work culture and why others like working here.

2. Indeed

Indeed started in 2004 with the goal of connecting employees and employers. It functions in a similar manner to ZipRecruiter, allowing employers to create accounts and post jobs. You also get to build out your company’s profile and promote your business to potential job candidates.

Despite these similarities, there are some drawbacks to using Indeed instead of ZipRecruiter. For example, Indeed doesn’t match you with the best candidates for your position unless you pay for the posts.

So, while you can peruse candidate resumes, you might miss out on the most qualified job seekers.

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3. Recruiting Agencies

Recruiting agencies help employers find resumes in a way that uses a human-centered approach. These businesses usually hire professional recruiters who personally work with companies and job candidates to find the perfect match.

When you hire a recruiting agency, the recruiters will take the time to get to know your company and its needs. They’ll ask questions about your open positions and ideal candidates, and they’ll post your job listings on the company website. Then, they’ll look at their pool of candidates and see whether they can match your needs to the skills and career goals of applicants.

While recruitment teams work as fast as they can, they still might not be as fast as ZipRecruiter, which matches you with candidates immediately. Likewise, they may not always recommend good fits for you. If you choose to go the recruiting agency route, make sure you’re also using ZipRecruiter so you can optimize your chances of finding the best candidate.

Ready to Start the Search for Resumes?

If you want to find resumes, you need to start the search as soon as possible. But you shouldn’t just look for resumes in a haphazard manner.

Instead, it’s best to plan out how you’re going to search for resumes in the most effective manner. Ideally, you should use as many outlets as you can, but if you have to choose, pick ZipRecruiter. The platform’s technology matches you with candidates like a recruiting agency does, and it also gives you all the benefits of using an online job board.

Learn more tips for hiring people after you find resumes!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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