How to Write a Resignation Letter for Designer Roles

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Writing a resignation letter for designer roles isn’t drastically different than other positions. There are details and specific pieces of information that you should include in your letter. But that doesn’t mean that it is an easy task. Leaving a company is challenging no matter how long you’ve worked for them. That’s why it’s important to write your resignation letter in an effective but meaningful way.

If you’re leaving your designer job, make sure to use this advice when writing your resignation letter. And if you’re ready to start looking for new opportunities, check out ZipRecruiter. They have millions of positions around the world for graphic designers, UI/UX designers, animators, art directors, and more!

How to Write a Resignation Letter for Designer Roles

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1. Clearly State Your Last Day of Employment

Besides informing the reader that you’re leaving, it’s also important to state your last day of employment in your resignation letter for designer positions. These are usually the first two pieces of information you’ll include in your letter. However, you simply can’t just choose any date you’d like. Most employers want or require at least two weeks’ notice, while others ask for more time.

As soon as you know you’re leaving, you should start looking for a job on ZipRecruiter. This platform specializes in matching job candidates like you with roles in which they’ll thrive. Click here to find your next best designer role!

2. Talk About Gained Experiences

After mentioning your departure, you can make the resignation letter for designer positions more positive by writing about what you’ve learned. Perhaps you developed better software skills in Photoshop or learned more about UX principles. Maybe you lead more marketing or branding meetings to help you become a better leader. Explaining one or two things the company helped you with during your employment can make your letter more heartfelt.

3. Say Thank You

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Even though you’re parting ways, your resignation letter is a great place to show your appreciation for the company. Even if you’ve secretly hated your job, thanking your employer helps you maintain a positive connection, which is important if you plan on using them as a reference. Express your gratitude for the time you’ve spent as a designer. Maybe mention a few art projects or clients that were especially meaningful to you.

4. Talk About Your Desire to Stay Connected

The design world is a small one, which means you shouldn’t burn bridges with your employer. Design firms, advertising agencies, and creative departments are usually well-informed about what others are doing. So, leaving on a bad note with your company can impact you for the rest of your career. Therefore, it’s important to stay on good terms and to express your desire to stay in touch. So, you should use your resignation letter for designer roles to talk about your desire to stay connected.

5. Offer to Help with the Transition

One of the best ways to make a good impression on your employer during this period is to offer help. Not only will they be overwhelmed by losing a valuable employee, but they’ll also be tasked with filling your position. As a result, you may choose to offer to help with interviewing new candidates or even with training. This will alleviate pressure from the recruiting department and help guarantee a smooth transition to the new hire.

Other Things to Consider Before Resigning

You may or may not mention these factors in your resignation letter for designer positions. Yet, it’s important to take them into consideration before you leave. If you don’t, you might regret resigning or cause more problems for yourself than necessary!

1. Your Future

In most cases, designers will have already accepted a new role at a firm before quitting their current job. But if you’re financially well-off, you can still quit even if you don’t have any prospects. Just make sure to check out ZipRecruiter when you’re ready to get back into the game. You can even upload your resume so employers can reach out to you directly with new positions.

2. Your Current Workload

Are you leaving in the middle of a big design project? If so, are you able to pass this work on to any of your colleagues? While you aren’t 100% responsible for the company’s future after you leave, you should help tie up any loose ends. Doing so will make your transition smoother and help you keep yourself in good favor with your employer.

If possible, discuss what to do with your current workload after you hand your boss your resignation letter for designer positions.

3. Your Portfolio

Anyone working in the creative industry understands the value of a portfolio. Before you leave, ask your employer to see if you can include your work as samples. If they so no, you can ask for a client/employer testimonial of your work instead.

Get Ready for Your Next Big Gig

Designers know that writing a resignation letter for designer roles can be tricky. But ending your role and focusing on your future is a great opportunity for growth (don’t forget to check out ZipRecruiter for new jobs!). Just make sure to write a letter that won’t burn bridges with your current company. We also have a resignation template for you to follow if you need more assistance.

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