Must Have Travel Gear Accessories

Must Have Travel Accessories

Packing for a trip is one of the most daunting tasks of planning a vacation. You may have remembered to pack clothes, toiletries, and your passport, but what about those little items that help make your trip easier? Whether you’re heading away for a nice destination cruise (check out MSC Cruises) or spending two months traveling abroad, we’ve curated a list of the 10 best pieces of travel gear all experienced travels should have in their toolkit.

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1.Portable Power Bank

Must Have Travel Accessories

Whether you’re taking hundreds of photos or navigating the streets using Google Maps, traveling can be a huge drain on your smartphone’s battery. That’s why it’s crucial to always carry a backup power bank (like the Speck 500mAh) with you. It provides extra juice when you need it the most so you don’t get stranded in a new city or country without any way to look up directions or text your friends.

2.Travel Toothbrush

Must Have Travel Accessories

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you should relax on your hygiene habits! The ultra-compact quip toothbrush should be your go-to travel electric toothbrush. It comes with a travel cover that doubles as a mirror mount and a 3-month battery life (so you can leave the charger at home).


3.Travel Toiletry Bag

Must Have Travel Accessories

Great travel gear doesn’t have to be high-tech, but it does have to be durable and long-lasting! And that’s exactly what this SWISSGEAR Toiletry bag from Target is. It’s designed to hold your shampoo, deodorant, lotions, or anything else you might need while traveling. And it has a built-in hanging hook so you can easily access everything you need without unpacking all your products onto the bathroom counter.

4.RFID Passport Holder

Must Have Travel Accessories

Keeping your valuables safe and secure is one of the golden rules of traveling, which is why an RFID passport holder from Target is one of the best travel accessories to have with you at all times. The signal blocking RFID technology protects hackers and potential identity thieves from scanning your personal data and stealing potentially harmful information.

5.Digital Luggage Scale

Must Have Travel Accessories

The cost of checking in a bag at the airport has skyrocketed, especially if you’re bag is overweight. In order to avoid those extra baggage fees, we recommend weighing your suitcase with this digital luggage scale. It’s small and compact, so you can take it with you traveling to make sure your bag isn’t too overpacked with souvenirs.

6.Ostrich Neck Pillow

Must Have Travel Accessories

Long, cross-country flights are never fun, although they don’t have to be totally uncomfortable either! The iconic OstrichPillow is an ergonomic neck pillow with supportive memory foam that allows you to get a good night’s sleep even if you’re stuck in a middle seat. And it packs down to 60% of its size when stored, so it’s not overly bulky either, making it one of the coolest pieces of travel gear you should have.

7.Cord and Cable Organizer

Must Have Travel Accessories

Between your phone charger, your camera, and your headphones, it can be complicated to travel with a lot of loose cords. With this travel cable organizer, you can keep all your accessories together in one spot while also keeping them tangle-free. And it’s made with 100% genuine leather that’s made to last for years to come.

8.Real Time Translator

Must Have Travel Accessories

Being lost in translation abroad is no match for the Langogo two-way translator. With one press of the button, you translate exactly what you want to say into 104 different languages of your choice.  Now you won’t have to worry if you need to hail a cab or urgently look for the nearest bathroom!

9.Packing Cubes

Must Have Travel Accessories

Packing cubes are a must have travel accessory for those who want to stay organized while on the road. Not only will they help you keep your socks, underwear, and shirts separated, but they’ll also help maximize the space in your suitcase by keeping everything compact and organized. Plus, you’ll know exactly where everything is, so you won’t have to dig through your entire bag just to find that one item you’re looking for.

10.Travel Adaptor

Must Have Travel Accessories

If you’re traveling abroad, then bringing a travel adaptor is probably the single most valuable piece of travel gear you can have. Without one, you won’t be able to charge your phone, your camera, or any other device that you’re taking with you on your trip. This adapter by Conair from Target can convert appliances into different wall outlets for over 150 countries. It also has a built-in surge protector, so you won’t have to worry about blowing out any sockets.


When it comes to packing for a trip, it’s better to be overly prepared than under-prepared! You never know when you’ll need a backup battery pack or a two-way emergency translator, but at least you’ll be prepared for those situations when they come. For more travel inspiration, check out our article on how to plan the ultimate road trip. And if your weekend is in the great outdoors, we also have some recommendations on the best hiking gear and where to get all your camping supplies.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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