What Are the Best Technical Writer Jobs?

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Technical writer jobs are in high demand. That’s because practically every company in the world needs to hire someone in this role. They may need help with writing manuals or communicating a product or service to their customers.

If you’re looking to become a technical writer, this article is for you. We’ll highlight the types of jobs and required skill sets you’ll need to excel in this role. For more detailed information, you can check out technical writer jobs on ZipRecruiter. That way, you can see the exact responsibilities and requirements certain companies are looking for.

What Is a Technical Writer?

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A technical writer is responsible for crafting documents that outline a product’s usage, features, and benefits. For example, they could be writing an instruction manual, product guide, software documentation, or technical report.

One of the primary duties of a technical writer is to convert complex information into easy-to-understand steps. They need to explain things in ways that the average person or user can understand.

They may work with analysts, graphic designers, or editors to create their technical documents. But in some roles, the technical writer may be responsible for researching, planning, designing, and testing the manuals themselves.

If you want to become a technical writer, create a profile on ZipRecruiter. After you upload your resume, the platform will match you with jobs that fit your experience and skills. Some employers may even invite you to apply for technical writer jobs.

Should you take them up on this offer and apply for the position, you triple your chances of getting hired!

What Skills Does a Technical Writer Need?

Being a technical writer requires a diverse and knowledgeable skillset. First and foremost, the technical writer needs to be a good communicator. After all, writing is the key focus of their job!

Since technical writers are talking in-depth about a particular product, they need to be experts in that field. More complex topics might require more knowledge about engineering, which may require previous education or work experience in that industry.

What Are the Best Technical Writer Jobs?

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Technical writers are valuable assets to many different types of companies. Here are a couple of technical writing jobs you may find available.

1. End-User Guide Writer

In this position, you’ll be writing documents to explain the product to a user. This requires turning detailed, complex topics into actionable steps. For example, end-user guide writers are responsible for writing instruction manuals.

2. Medical Writer

As a medical writer, you’ll be writing in medical journals, for healthcare sites, or even medicinal product descriptions. Medical writers are generally required to have in-depth knowledge of the medical or clinical field.

3. Case Study Writer

Technical writing can also be research-based. As a case study writer, you’ll expand on technical topics to create marketing-related content. You’ll need to study, analyze, and compile your findings in a case study.

4. Educational Writer

Remember reading from your textbook in college? It’s likely that it was written with the help of a technical educational writer! In addition, these writers do school reports, brochures, academic proposals, and tests. For this role, you’ll need experience as a teacher. Alternatively, you can have a specialization in a specific field.

Where Can I Find Technical Writer Jobs?

 Start your job search by looking for technical writer jobs on ZipRecruiter! Before you do, though, figure out what type of job you’d like to have. There are positions in data analysis, customer service, and social media. Find your dream job today!

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