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Social media marketing jobs are among the fastest growing professions of the last few decades, with the demand increasing at the highest rate. In the post-pandemic era, brands are shifting their focus online, spending time and resources to create meaningful relationships with consumers.

In fact, the demand for marketers with digital skills has seen an increase of more than 100%. As a result, social media marketing is one of the fastest-rising jobs. Given how much time we spend on social media daily for both life and work, it’s easy to understand how necessary social media jobs are.

So if you consider yourself a social media wizard, why not turn your hobby into a profession? Dive into this exciting ever-evolving industry by looking for the right positions that match your skills on sites like ZipRecruiter. Take advantage of AI technology to match your profile with the right employers, and start applying for your dream positions.

5 Best Sites to Find Social Media Marketing Jobs


Finding a social media position doesn’t have to be torture. Whether you’re looking for a contract job or you’re on the hunt for a full-time career, here are the top sites to look for social media roles:

1. ZipRecruiter

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Our list of the best sites to find social media marketing jobs would not be complete without ZipRecruiter. This is the place to find high-quality employers with millions of active listings posted daily. Get matched with recruiters through advanced AI technology and find social media marketing jobs similar to your skills. Then, apply within a few clicks and leave the rest to the platform.

One of the site’s perks is that once you create your profile, you get asked to specify your title. Then, the platform gives you information on how much others in your niche make salary-wise. This way, you can set expectations early on and even bargain your salary, knowing what you’re worth in the market. Plus, the site lets current and former employees leave reviews about their companies anonymously, which can add tremendously to a future employer’s credentials.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn boasts more than 740 million users and is one of the most popular tools for searching for social media marketing jobs. It has a separate section where recruiters can post their jobs with details about the hiring company, salary, and eligibility criteria. As a job hunter, you can create your LinkedIn profile and access thousands of opportunities worldwide within a few clicks.

One of the platform’s perks is connecting with recruiters on a more personal level. For example, you can easily initiate a conversation with them to break the ice or learn more about their opportunities. You can even filter positions based on location or other criteria and apply directly through the site.

3. Indeed

With more than 250 million monthly visitors, Indeed is one of the most popular job-hunting sites. Candidates can easily upload their resumes and indicate their top skills. After that, they can browse thousands of social media marketing jobs and find the ones that interest them. In fact, the platform reviews the employers’ top requirements for each position and lets you know if you’re a good match for the position.

Through various tools, Indeed allows you to evaluate job positions based on employment criteria. In addition, there’s an extra section for reviews and ratings, which you can use to check a company’s reputation before applying for social media marketing jobs.

4. Freelancer

If freelancing is your thing, then Freelancer will be your new best friend for finding social media marketing positions. Most companies nowadays need to outsource work to complete specific projects. Through sites like Freelancer, they can browse a list of available professionals and choose the one that matches their brief. With more than 6 million employers from 247 countries, this crowdsourcing marketplace will help you land your dream social media job. 

5. Upwork

Upwork is one of the largest freelancing networks, with more than 17 million users. Remote freelancers from different niches can use the platform to connect with clients and work on specific projects. All communications and invoicing take place through the platform, and in exchange, the site takes a small percentage of your payment as a fee. 

The way it works is that job seekers submit their proposals for particular jobs, and then employers filter them out to select the most fitting ones for their project. For example, suppose you’re interested in social media marketing jobs. In that case, you can do your research, apply for the positions that interest you, and get selected by employers to work on their projects.

Ready to Apply for Social Media Marketing Jobs?

Social media marketing jobs are here to stay. So there’s no better time to improve your skills to match the increasing demand. Hopefully, our list of the top websites to look for social media positions will be your stepping stone to a new and exciting career. Of course, you can use multiple platforms at once to increase your chances of getting hired. But if you want to focus on one, we highly recommend ZipRecruiter for the plenty of free services and the top-notch candidate matching system.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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