What Are the Top 2022 Tech Conferences to Attend?

2022 tech conferences

Do you want to expand your knowledge of technical concepts and improve your ability to apply them to your career? 2022 tech conferences enable you to keep your education up-to-date and start fine-tuning your skills.

What Are the Top 2022 Tech Conferences to Attend? 

But not all of the best tech conferences 2022 offers will teach you the same things. As such, you need to be smart about which ones you choose to attend. In this article, we’ll get into some of the top 2022 tech conferences and what you can learn from each of them.

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1. Kansas City Developer Conference

2022 tech conferences


The Kansas City Developer Conference (KCDC) takes place from August 8th-10th this year and will focus on providing developers with the latest innovations in the field.

Attendees will get to hear from a wide variety of speakers from renowned tech giants, such as Microsoft and Accenture. The speakers have backgrounds in many different tech-related industries, from computers to streaming services.

Sessions at the conference will focus on architecture, managing cloud systems, data and human skills, programming languages, UI/UX, security (brush up on your cyber security skills beforehand), project management, optimizing for mobile, and much more.

2. Code PaLOUsa 

2022 tech conferences

Code PaLOUsa

Located in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky, Code PaLOUsa is a jam-packed tech conference day, filled with practical information for even the most experienced technological backgrounds.

Attendees will get to attend sessions on building an ASP.NET core app, using Python, and even improving team communication with technology. Also, they can learn how to make cloud design more efficient by using API and grow their knowledge about how social media can serve as a way to find dream jobs in tech.

In addition, the conference will feature discussions on coding, including a talk on a hands-free form of coding that’s perfect for people with disabilities.

The wide variety of instruction available makes it one of the best 2022 tech conferences.

If you want to teach your kids to code their own games, websites, or apps, Newegg can help. There’s a course available that’s perfect for children ages 11 and up. Students don’t need to have previous coding experience, and the learning is self-paced and interactive. Additionally, the students will have access to a mentor and even receive feedback from them.

Newegg also sells courses for professionals. Those going into the tech field can learn about the basics of Microsoft Azure or cloud components.

3. Smashing Conference

2022 tech conferences

Smashing Conference

The Smashing Conference is one of the best tech conferences 2022 offers for people who want to learn how to improve user experience.

The conference organizers will demonstrate their competence in keeping people engaged by arranging a fun and informative combination of activities throughout the day. In the mornings, conference attendees have the opportunity to get up and go for a morning run, allowing them to bond and network in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Then, they’ll get to learn about topics such as email HTML and designing for complicated user experience challenges. The attendees can even go to a talk on how to test digital products for accessibility.

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No matter what you’re interested in learning, MasterClass has something for you. With more than 150 classes in a wide range of fields, these online, self-paced courses help you gain the expertise you need to succeed at your work.

To get started, choose between the individual, duo, or family plans. If you don’t want to try MasterClass but know someone who might enjoy it, consider giving it as a gift.

4. Google Cloud Next

2022 tech conferences

Cloud Next from Google

Google Cloud Next’s 2022 conference will run from October 11th-13th and feature innovative conversations for architects, developers, security professionals, engineers, business leaders, and more.

Because this event is hosted by Google, you know it’ll be the highest quality of the 2022 tech conferences. Additionally, professionals will learn how to harness the cloud for their own purposes and innovate, collaborate, and secure their business’s operations.

Also, on LinkedIn Learning, you can further your knowledge of cloud operations by taking classes. Learn about cloud computing (and get a certificate of completion) or study data analytics. Even better, you can try LinkedIn Learning for free!

Why Attending a Tech Conference Matters

The world of technology is always changing, and the 2022 tech conferences listed above will bring you up to speed on the current developments in your field.

This is critical for workers and business leaders alike. Without proper training, you won’t have the ability to carry your company into the technological future.

Want to see some practical ways technology can improve your everyday life? Check out these emerging developments!

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.

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