How to Reach Out to a LinkedIn Recruiter for My Business

linkedin recruiter

Are you wondering how you can harness the power of job recruiters to find your next best candidate? LinkedIn features thousands of recruiters who have experience matching companies and employers with highly-qualified workers. But in order to take advantage of these professionals, you need to know how to reach out to a LinkedIn recruiter.

How to Reach Out to a LinkedIn Recruiter for Your Company

In this article, we’ll go into how you can use platforms like LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter to get matched with your new favorite employees. Keep reading to hire the employees who will carry your company into the future!

Identify What You Want

linkedin recruiter

Before you figure out how to reach out to a LinkedIn recruiter, you should identify what you want to get out of the experience. Ask yourself if you wish to use them to hire a particular kind of employee, such as a marketer or IT professional, or if you want to use them on a more continuous basis.

Determine what types of services you’d like to receive, too. How many candidates do you want your recruiter to send to you, and what processes would you like them to use to find your future employees?

Finally, figure out how much you want to pay for recruitment services. Companies like ZipRecruiter offer similar services to recruiters for free, but personal recruiters can cost anywhere between 15% to 20% of the salary of the job you’re trying to fill.

Look for Professional Profiles

linkedin recruiter

Most professional recruiters make profiles on LinkedIn, giving you easier access to them. In fact, LinkedIn has around 900,000 active recruiters and headhunters located around the world.

Usually, these professionals work for recruitment agencies. They may use LinkedIn to find both companies wanting to hire and employees looking for work. They often identify themselves as recruiters on their profiles.

To find the best recruiters on LinkedIn, type “headhunter” or “recruiter” into the search bar. For the best results, enter “headhunter OR recruiter OR recruitment.” That way, you won’t miss out on recruiters who have different job titles but perform the same functions. If you’re looking for a recruiter who specializes in a certain field, specify that in the search.

You should also make sure you’ve clicked the tab “People.”

Then, LinkedIn will provide you with a list of profiles to look through. Make sure you check out their descriptions and fields of experience. You can also run their names through a search engine to read reviews and see what others say about them.

Reaching Out to the Recruiter

linkedin recruiter

Once you’ve looked into a few recruiters, it’s time to learn how to reach out to a LinkedIn recruiter. You can do this by private messaging them (if you have LinkedIn premium) with a well-crafted letter.

To write this letter, compile all the information you have about what you need and want. Introduce yourself, telling the recruiter your name, job title, and the company for which you work. Specify what type of roles you’re looking for and ask them any questions you may have.

A Better Alternative: Get on ZipRecruiter

linkedin recruiter

Knowing how to reach out to a LinkedIn recruiter can serve as an excellent tool for finding your favorite employees. However, it may not be the most efficient or cost-effective way to go about hiring new team members.

ZipRecruiter has sought to combine a recruiter-like model with innovative job search technology. When you create your free profile, you’ll have the ability to post jobs for free. You can indicate what types of workers you’re looking for, and ZipRecruiter will then use that information to find candidates who meet your requirements.

Once you review their profiles, you can invite your favorite candidates to apply.

People will also be able to find your jobs by searching for them on ZipRecruiter, and they can apply right from the website. So, you should have qualified candidates within days of posting your position. In fact, most ZipRecruiter users report finding a great potential hire within 1 day. To get started, choose 1 of these 3 plans.

Ready to Start Hiring?

Now that you know how to reach out to a LinkedIn recruiter, you’re prepared to start locating your new hires and posting jobs on ZipRecruiter!

To make the most of your time on LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter, you’ll need to learn how to write job posts. You can also follow these tips to hire people with a quick turnaround!

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