Monster vs. Glassdoor – Which one works better for you?

Not sure if Monster vs. Glassdoor is better for finding employees? As two of the biggest recruiting websites on the internet, Monster and Glassdoor both have plenty to offer recruiters. Both sites have tools to help you search through resumes and post job descriptions. But there are actually some major differences that might impact which company you choose to sign up with.

Monster vs. Glassdoor

While there are many job hiring platforms out there, it’s hard to beat the idea of posting for free, like you can with ZipRecruiter. But, as with anything, it’s good to shop around so that you know a good deal when you see it!

To help you make your decision, we’ll cover the key features of each product and explain which site is better suited for finding employees. 

Who is Monster?

Monster has been one of the biggest players in the recruiting game since 1999. And while they originally started as a basic job board site, they’ve grown to become an entire platform with multiple features.
Besides having a job board and resume search database, Monster also provides branding services. Their team will work with your company to create a branded career page that highlights your perks and core values. Monster also provides hands-on services to help design training programs and hiring strategies.

Who is Glassdoor?

Glassdoor started in 2007 as a company review site where employees could anonymously share their experiences and post salaries and job interview questions. However, they also expanded into the employee search market. By partnering with Indeed (the largest job board site in the world), Glassdoor is now able to display job descriptions directly on its site.

Companies are also able to create profile landing pages with detailed information about their business. So, when applicants visit Glassdoor to read company reviews, they’ll also be able to see more information provided by the company, such as photos, featured reviews, and if partnered with Indeed, open jobs.

How much do Glassdoor and Monster cost?

Creating a basic company page on Glassdoor is free. But if you want to upload custom content like photos or featured reviews, you’ll need to upgrade to their Standard or Select packages (you can contact Glassdoor for exact package pricing).

Monster offers several pricing plans. If you only have one or two jobs to post, you can pay individually for each listing (plans start at $375 per post). However, you can also subscribe to their monthly plans, which start at $279 per month. 

What’s the difference between Monster vs. Glassdoor?

While both Monster and Glassdoor have basic features that allow you to search for employees, there are some major differences that may influence which site you decide to use.

Monster has a suite of products that can be helpful for new recruiters. Not only do they offer company branding and website building, but they also have a team of talent acquisition specialists to help you find candidates. However, you can also use their site to post your job or to browse through their catalog of uploaded resumes.

Glassdoor is primarily a company review site. While companies are able to create profile landing pages to share information with job seekers, the site is mostly used for brand awareness. You are able to post open positions on their profile page, although you’ll have to create the listing with their partner site, Indeed.

Which is better for finding employees? Monster vs. Glassdoor?

Both sites have many different features that can be used by recruiters for hiring new employees.

Creating a Glassdoor profile is necessary if you have an active employee base. You’ll be able to monitor your reviews and ratings while also providing company information job seekers might find useful when landing on your profile page. But if you’re interested in finding employees, then you’ll need to sign up for Indeed.

If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all suite of hiring products, then Monster is a better investment. Not only can they help with branding, but their ability to post jobs and source candidates makes it a valuable resource for companies. However, their expensive pricing plans might be too much – especially if you’re looking for a site where to post your job for free.

More Recruitment Resources

In addition to Monster vs. Glassdoor, we can also recommend ZipRecruiter if you’re in the process of hiring. By posting your site to 100 different partner networks, you can increase your chances of finding a viable candidate. You can read our in-depth comparison between ZipRecruiter vs. Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter vs. Monster for more information.

By now, you should have a better understanding of which product is better suited to your recruiting needs. We know that finding top talent is difficult, but hopefully, one of these two sites can help you with your hiring needs!



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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Talk District may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the

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