Which is a Better Hiring Platform? Indeed vs. CareerBuilder

If you’ve tried to post an open job, then you’ve probably come across two of the biggest job board sites online – Indeed vs. CareerBuilder. Both sites are valuable for finding high-quality candidates. They also simplify the entire hiring process for you. However, they do have different features and pricing plans, which may impact which tool you end up using.

Indeed vs. CareerBuilding

To make your decision easier, we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of using both sites, so you can post your job and start looking for top talent today! 

We can also recommend ZipRecruiter as a recruiting tool for hiring employees. Not only do they have their own proprietary job board, but they also send your job listing to over 100 different sites to get as many eyes on it as possible.

Who is Indeed?

Indeed is by far the largest job site on the market. It has over 250 monthly visitors, 175 million registered resumes, and a catalog of over 750 million salaries. They are used by thousands of companies in a variety of industries such as retail, marketing, tech, and more.

Although they function as a traditional job board, they also have many other products to help you find the right candidate for your open position. With Indeed, you’ll have the opportunity to create targeted ads, schedule interviews, or set up screening questions. You can do all this through their innovative applicant tracking system. Indeed also has resources made for recruiters such as informative podcasts and articles.

Who is Careerbuilder?

Careerbuilder is one of the longest-running job boards for employers, having been in the business for over 20 years. In addition to their easy-to-use job board, they also have released intelligent AI matching. You can use this to connect you directly with employees who match your specified criteria.

But that’s not all! Careerbuilder also has an entire suite of products made especially for hiring managers. You can talk with their candidate matching experts, create online hiring events, or even build out a social referral network. Recruiters can also take advantage of CareerBuilder’s competitive analysis insight. This allows you to see job descriptions and salaries of other companies in your industry.

What’s the Difference Between Indeed vs. Careerbuilder?

Although both Indeed and Careerbuilder and valuable tools for recruiters, there are some differences that might help you decide where to post your job.

One of the biggest differences between the two platforms is price. Posting a job on Indeed is completely free for recruiters. However, there are options to pay for sponsored posts or to subscribe as a member to browse resumes.

Careerbuilder, on the other hand, does not offer a free option. Their cheapest option still runs around $219 per month and only allows you to post one job per month. If you want to post up to five jobs a month, you’ll be required to upgrade to their Pro membership for $599 a month. However, your monthly subscription does allow you to access resumes and to contact members to encourage them to apply.

Another big difference is membership. As one of the largest hiring sites online, Indeed has a database of over 175 million resumes. Careerbuilder has less than half that amount, although their job seekers tend to be more experienced.

Which is Better? Indeed vs. Careerbuilder?

Deciding between Indeed and Careerbuilder is a tough decision, especially since both tools can be valuable to hiring managers. Both tools have easy-to-use client applicant tracking systems, advanced AI-matching, and no long-term contract fees.

But if it comes down to price, Indeed is going to be the more affordable option. Although their free plan only allows you to post jobs, their paid plans are still cheaper than the plans offered by CareerBuilder. And considering you’ll have access to nearly 100 million more resumes, Indeed is a good option.

However, CareerBuilder is the better choice if your job requires a skilled workforce. The members on the site tend to be more experienced or professional. That means you won’t have to waste precious hours looking for candidates that don’t match your requirements.

More Job Site Resources

Not sure how Indeed or CareerBuilder stacks up to other job board sites? Check out the differences between CareerBuilder vs. Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter vs. Careerbuilder. And don’t forget to read more about ZipRecruiter – another excellent resource to help you connect with applicable candidates looking for work!

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